MSP Profitability: Unlock Growth with Domotz! 

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MSP Profitability: Unlock Growth with Domotz! 

Looking at how to unlock more MSP profitability at your organization? Look no further because we’re here to tell you how Domotz can help with MSP profitability. 

When we first invented Domotz network monitoring software, the vision was always to help you improve your daily life. Our idea for our product today is to help you run your business more smoothly. Domotz helps with a lot of day-to-day tasks at your company. From assisting you with troubleshooting more efficiently to identifying issues in advance, it’s a comprehensive network management tool to help increase your efficiency

This article is going to talk about something different, though. We’ll discuss MSP profitability and how you can unlock profits with Domotz. This article covers the following in terms of MSP profitability:

MSP Profitability and Prospecting for Victory: Audit the Network and Score Big Business!

Domotz is the perfect companion when auditing and identifying devices on a new network for onboarding purposes. Learn more about our network device monitoring features. After you’ve got a new lead for your business and they are interested in your services, it’s time to start prospecting the customer. You need to find out what they have on their network. 

Domotz can help with prospecting new customers. Many of our customers rely on Domotz for the prospecting process. Here’s how Domotz can help with the MSP Prospecting process.

Help with the prospecting process

  • Explore the Network: A customer may tell you what they have on the network, but you only know what they have by auditing the network. Sure, they may think they have a couple of PCs, routers, and switches, but you only know by investigating yourself. Domotz is extremely helpful for this use case. Using Domotz, you can set up the software (many prefer via hardware at this point) and start collecting information about your new customer. Let Domotz sit there and gather data about your potential customer so you’re ready to move the relationship forward. Learn more about how to make a network topology diagram automatically
  • Get to Know Your Customer: The information Domotz collects from your customer during the prospecting process will let you know precisely what you’re dealing with when it comes to a new customer. Knowing more about your customer  is helpful for a couple of reasons: 
  • Price things efficiently: You won’t miss anything regarding pricing for the new customer. You’ll know all the devices and critical network infrastructure you need to add to your pricing model. 
  • Make Recommendations: Knowing what’s on a network will allow you to recommend the proper hardware and software upgrades to your customer. Making ongoing recommendations to your customers is positive in two ways: it allows you to show how efficient you are, and also, it enables you to boost your bottom line. 

Maximizing Customer Value: Upsells

Ok, so you’ve got a new client using your services, thanks to auditing the network with Domotz, prospecting, and getting the deal in motion. They’ve been your customer for a couple of months, and you want to check in on your client’s health. Using Domotz is an excellent way to identify opportunities for growing your current customer relationship. Here are just a few examples of how you can use Domotz to develop services for your customers: 

  • If you see out-of-date devices on your customer’s network, use the opportunity to recommend new ones. 
  • If you identify issues with network performance, you can recommend new devices to your customers to increase performance. 
  • See security cameras? Try out our security camera monitoring features which can be a value-added service for existing customers. 
  • Visualize and stay alert about network vulnerabilities through our security scans. Then recommend complimentary products and services to help your customers stay safe. 
  • See new unknown devices on the networks. Afterward, suggest monitoring for new devices connected to the network and offer blocking at the firewall level. 

Domotz gives you a platform for discussing ongoing improvements with your customers. Overall, Domotz provides you, as an MSP, a platform for taking action to improve your service to your customers.  Read more about our service provider management tips.

Forever Yours: The Retention Process that Keeps Customers Coming Back

As an MSP, you have to work hard to show the value of what you’re doing for your customers. After all, your main job is to keep the network and devices working smoothly and securely. Moreover, that means things are going well if there are fewer problems. At the same time, you don’t want your customers to forget about the vital work you’re doing for them. 

Once you’ve got a new customer using your services for some time, the main goal is retaining them, so they stay with your business as long as possible. Maybe even forever. Here is how Domotz can help you with keeping customers. 

Help with keeping customers

  • Reduce truck rolls: You can solve problems remotely with Domotz, which means fewer site visits or truck rolls. You can fix simple issues quickly from your desk. Reducing the need to visit a site means you save money and time. Given the rising costs of petrol, saving on this cost is essential. Additionally, there’s a resolution to your customer’s issue faster. This means they get a more seamless experience working with your MSP business. 
  • Proactively solve problems: Domotz lets you take proactive actions when something goes wrong. This also means less downtime and outages and better customer performance. You can use Domotz to identify problems before they become significant for your customers. For example, use Domotz SNMP monitoring features for identifying if a printer is running out of ink, a NAS is running low on disk space, etc. Read our complete guide on how SNMP works and SNMP v2 vs v3
  • Use reports to share the value of what you do: Domotz provides monthly, and on-demand network reports that you can brand and send directly to your customers. The reports help you share the value of what you are doing with your customers. Additionally, the reports feature information like network and device uptime so that you can share the positives with your customers.
  • Make ongoing improvements: Overall, Domotz gives you complete visibility of your client’s network so you can continuously suggest improvements. This helps you showcase your knowledge and get the best performance for your customers.

Unlock MSP Profitability with Domotz!

Domotz network monitoring software is a powerful tool for running your business. Additionally, it can also help you unlock profits. Specifically, Domotz is ready to help you prospect, upsell, and retain your customers. Check out our service provider management tips too.

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