Service Provider Management Tips for MSPs

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This article focuses on how you can help your customers manage your MSP services.

We’ve all been there before, working with a vendor or partner that isn’t delivering. Eventually, you start thinking about what the service does or how it benefits your business. Shortly after reaching this step, you start shopping for a new service. 

We’ve all had great partners and vendors we’ve worked with. When I think of a great partner, I think:

  • Proactive
  • Reliable
  • Efficient
  • Delivery 

You’ve probably got a list of what makes someone a great vendor or partner from your own view. This article talks about service provider management and how you can be one step ahead of your customers by showing them the value of what you’re doing for them. 

The term “managed service provider” has a broad meaning, but most people who use it are talking about a common theme: an MSP provides a rand of IT services to businesses, small and large.

The nuance comes from the fact that this can encompass many different activities. For instance, you can build and manage turnkey network architectures for factories or offer security hardware and diagnostic software that lets your retail clients keep everything running.

MSPs typically provide services such as system and network security, application management, data backup and recovery, storage and infrastructure, and more. MSPs may also offer consulting services and advice to their clients. 

Service provider management is the process of managing an MSP. The goal is to implement strategies and policies that ensure the services meet the client’s goals and expectations. Since your service directly reflects on you, it’s worth the effort.

There may be a couple of scenarios where you need to think about Service Provider Management.

  • Your clients will definitely have a strategy for managing your services. Or, you may need to build out the service provider management process for them by being one step ahead.
  • You may contract to work out to 3rd party service providers and other MSPs. You’ll also need your own Service Provider Management strategy in this scenario. 

Working with an MSP makes complete sense for a business. Your clients can access the latest technology and adhere to industry best practices without retraining employees or a workforce, investing in new systems, or stepping outside organizational comfort zones!

Here’s how you can help your customers with service provider management. 

  • Establishing clear objectives and setting expectations is the first step. Implement policies and procedures to ensure all services are laid out and delivered per written service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Performance tracking is also essential. Develop processes and tools to measure, monitor, and report on service provider performance. For instance, use tools that show your customers they are getting the service level they expect. 
  • Build healthier relationships with your customers by listening to their business goals and objectives. Work with your customers to create and implement a service provider management strategy. Conducting regular audits and providing feedback is the best way to maintain positive control.

Instead of falling into the shadows and having your clients wonder what you’re doing for them, this article will share some tips about using Domotz to help with the service provider management process. 

In short, Domotz can help with service provider management by showing your customers (even before they ask) how you provide value to their networks and devices.  

Your customers will want to see the material results of what you’re doing for them. Or maybe they’ll never ask you directly, but then they might start shopping around in time. 

Here are some of the easy ways Domotz can help with service provider management for your clients:

Visibility on what you’re doing for customers

Domotz device lists and monthly reports make your work for your customers on their networks visible. Learn more about the benefits of network monitoring.

Share reports for material visibility on your work

Domotz generates monthly reports you can share with your clients to indicate the value of the work you’re doing for them. Generate pdf reports sent to yourself, your customer, or a specified list of recipients. Learn more about the network reports you can send to your customers. You can also customize the reports with your logo to bring awareness to the value of your business and services. 

Less downtime

With Domotz, you can reduce downtime for your clients. This issue may go unnoticed, which is a good thing. Your customers will definitely notice an outage. Moreover, if you fix the problem quickly, they may see nothing. However, you can share the monthly reports Domotz generates with your customers to share network and device uptime metrics. Sharing critical metrics about the uptime of the network and devices further indicates all the work you’re doing for them. 

Proactive hardware recommendations

Many of our MSP customers use Domotz to identify your customers’ outdated hardware and services. You can then be bold and recommend upgrades and ideas for new things. Recommending improvements to hardware helps increase your revenues. It also shows your clients the value of the work you’re doing for them. Learn more about our network device monitoring and management features that can help you.


With Domotz, you can proactively solve problems that may go beneath your customers’ radar. Perhaps you could summarize in your monthly reports all the interventions you’ve taken to bring visibility and awareness to your proactive actions. 

We all know what separates a good service provider from a poor one. Many customers may need help knowing what to do regarding IT service provider management. Help your business stand out by guiding your clients along the service provider management process. You can establish the process for your clients! In summary, to help with service provider management:

  • Establishing clear objectives and set expectations from the beginning of the contract
  • Track your performance and share results with your customers
  • Build healthy relationships
  • Shine visibility on what you’re doing for your customers
  • Share reports to show what you’re doing
  • Reduce downtime and share results with your customers
  • Proactively recommend hardware, services, and upgrades to improve performance
  • Proactively solve issues and share the results with your clients

We offer an a powerful tool for network monitoring and management! We’ve got features for network management like automated network topology mapping, SNMP monitoring, network configuration management, network security scans, reports and more.

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