Benefits of network monitoring, including examples 

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Benefits of network monitoring, including real examples

This article covers the benefits of network monitoring in action. As a community manager at Domotz, I have the inspiring role of helping our users wherever they need it. I also explore areas where Domotz network monitoring software can help manage networks and devices. Trust me; it’s a lot of fun, and I love it. 

I’ve also been around Domotz for a long time. I joined the team in 2015 when we had no user! So I love answering questions about Domotz and seeing places where the benefits of network monitoring software can help solve a problem. The creation of Domotz in the first place was to solve problems. Seeing the real-life benefits of network monitoring software is very exciting. 

So, here is a summary of the top examples of how network monitoring can solve real-life problems and pain points for MSPs, integrators, and IT professionals.

“I need a good tool for discovering and analyzing a prospect’s network.”

Discovering and analyzing a prospect’s network is one of the most significant benefits of network monitoring. While still in the prospecting phase with a client, you can pop a Domotz box on the network and get to know everything that resides there. Domotz will help you see everything instantly, so your prospective customer is no longer a stranger! Furthermore, Domotz will plot the endpoints and automatically make a network topology diagram. Learn more about our network device monitoring features.

There are many benefits of using Domotz for prospecting a network. Firstly, you’ll know what you’re dealing with to price things appropriately. Secondly, you can make recommendations to your prospective clients and have all the information you need. Thirdly, you can identify upselling opportunities. Sure, you could trust what your client says about their network, but they probably don’t know. (This is why they’re looking to you for this job!) 

Learn all about our automated device inventory and classification. 

“I need alerts whenever a new device connects to the network.”

Getting an alert when a new device connects to a network perfectly illustrates the benefits of network monitoring. Furthermore, it’s an ideal use case thanks to our new device alerts. We’ll automatically alert you when new devices connect to a network (if you want that to happen). As far as I know, this is somewhere Domotz stands out because other network monitoring systems on the market do not offer this. 

Learn all about our new device alerts

“I need to find a tool to report system uptime to my management.”

Domotz is great at device uptime and network reporting. We offer monitoring/reporting on device/network up and downtime. We auto-generate reports for this, which you can get on-demand or schedule them to: 

Learn more about our Logging and Reports

“How can I automate my network documentation processes?”

Domotz is perfect for this. We collect all the information about your devices, servers, workstations, printers, laptops, etc., and map everything out for you. We’ll also send it to the documentation tool of your choice: Hudu, IT Glue, Liongard, etc. 

Learn more about our network topology mapping and making a network topology diagram.

“I need a tool for SNMP hardware monitoring. My RMM is not cutting it.”

While it’s true that some RMM tools have SNMP features, they do not usually invest like Domotz does in developing and maintaining these features. This is likely because it is outside their core business. Long story short, we can offer much more user-friendly SNMP monitoring features via our pre-configured SNMP sensors. Additionally, we have a much more extensive database of MIBs and OIDs to enable you to monitor easier. Many MSPs feel their RMM just doesn’t cut it when it comes to SNMP monitoring and, thus, usually look for another tool for this job. Domotz is perfect for this. 

Learn more about our SNMP monitoring features

“I need a tool to monitor internet connection stability.”

Another one of the benefits of network monitoring is the analysis of internet connection stability. Domotz automatically performs speed tests regularly (every 6 hours). We also constantly monitor the stability of the network from a WAN point of view (with Round Trip Delays to public sites and the Domotz cloud). We also put everything into nice graphs you can share with your customers.

Learn more about our Network Speed Analysis.

“I need a network power controller.” 

One of the main reasons, Domotz works well for this job is that you aren’t limited to a device brand or manufacturer. You can use whatever device brand you want that’s fit for purpose and use Domotz for remotely controlling power. Furthermore, you don’t have to visit a customer site or bug one of your customers to power something On/Off. You can manage everything remotely without being on-site and annoying your customer. Moreover, this makes you look more professional and saves considerable time. 

Learn more about Remote Power Management

“How do you monitor, manage and maintain network equipment: switches, wireless access points, gateways, security, camera systems, and printers?”

Domotz fits the bill for this use case. It is complementary to your RMM tool because it sees all the extra stuff on the network that won’t get picked up. Not only does it see these things, but it also lets you monitor them continuously and manage them remotely. 

“Looking to switch my monitoring software because the cost is too high.”

Cost cutting is hugely top of mind right now. With rising costs around the globe and everything going up, saving costs where you can is of enormous interest. We’re a very cost-effective tool (with also powerful features). In contrast to other tools on the market, which have pricing per end-point, we charge a flat fee per month per network for monitoring all devices, subnets, and VLANs. For these reasons, Domotz is an exciting option if you want to save costs on a network monitoring tool.

Everybody hates contracts you get stuck in and can’t leave. We do too! That’s why we make everything as transparent as we can. We have no hidden fees and do not try and lock you into any contracts. You can stop and start your Domotz agents when you need to. 

Learn more about our pricing

“How can I manage printers remotely without bothering my clients?”

Secure remote access is another brilliant use case for Domotz. 

Picture these scenarios. 

Scenario A – No Domotz

  • You need to access a printer remotely.
  • You have to call your customer and ask them for help
  • While on the phone, you ask them to open a PC
  • You then ask them to change some permissions so you can remote into that PC
  • You remote into the PC and access the printer interface.

Scenario B – with Domotz:

  • You need to access a printer remotely
  • You Login to Domotz and remotely access it as though you’re on the network without bothering your customer.

Which one of these scenarios seems more professional to you? I know my answer! 

Learn more about our secure remote access to devices. Learn more about how Domotz can help with MSP profitability and our service provider management tips.

Conclusion on the benefits of network monitoring in real-life examples

Seeing the benefits of network monitoring and where Domotz can help in the different network and device scenarios is a heap of fun. It’s impressive to see all the real-life examples where our network monitoring software can truly make a difference in increasing productivity, saving time, and cutting costs.

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