Top 10 Network Monitoring Blog Posts for 2022

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It would be fun to share our top network monitoring blog posts from last year with you. This article is for you to find the best reads on the Domotz blog. Here are the top network monitoring blog posts regarding traffic and a few of our favorites.

Articles about SNMP, computer networking, and configuring unique features on Domotz were the most popular. These articles being favorites comes as no surprise since computer networking is what we do at Domotz. 

Here’s an overview of our top blog posts for 2022. 

  1. What is an SNMP port number?
  2. Find SNMP OIDs for monitoring
  3. Computer networking acronyms
  4. Telegram webhook and bot API
  5. How SNMP works
  6. History of the OSI model
  7. Wi-Fi Facts
  8. How to make a network topology diagram
  9. MSP KPIs
  10. Top Sys Admin Jokes

What is an SNMP port number?

Our blog post about SNMP port numbers was a favorite amongst readers. Is your SNMP port number TCP or UDP? This blog post covers everything you need about SNMP port numbers and how they work. To sum up, SNMP uses UDP as its transport protocol. However, SNMP can also run over Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), Ethernet, IPX, and other protocols. 

Learn more about the SNMP port number.

Find SNMP OID for Monitoring

Another essential article, and a very popular one last year, was about finding SNMP OIDs for monitoring. This article covers how to see SNMP OIDs using a MIB browser. Or, you can use network monitoring software like Domotz, which automatically sees them. It also deep dives into all the steps about finding SNMP OIDs with a MIB Browser to look them up.

Learn more about finding SNMP OIDs for monitoring

Computer Networking Acronyms

The computer networking space has a lot of jargon and fancy words floating around it; sometimes, they take work to understand. This article on computer networking acronyms focuses on jargon-busting, the top terms you may find in the IT space. Read our article on computer networking acronyms to learn about: NMS, RMM, PSA, WAN, LAN, VLAN, DNS, and more.

Learn all about the top computer networking acronyms

Telegram Webhook and Bot API

This article was another one of our top blog posts for 2022, and that comes as no surprise, given the soaring popularity of Telegram. This article covers the Telegram Webhook and Bot API and how to set them up with Domotz. Read the article to discover the benefits of using a Telegram webhook and how to use it with other tools.

Learn more about Telegram Webhooks and the Bot API.

How SNMP works

SNMP is a massive component of what we do at Domotz, so it’s no surprise that our crash course in SNMP is a popular article on the blog. This article covers the A-Z of how SNMP works. Need a crash course in SNMP? This article covers everything from versions, messages, commands, protocols, and running SNMP monitoring on Domotz! Setting up monitoring using SNMP with Domotz is, by the way, very easy. 

Learn more about How SNMP works.

History of the OSI Model

The OSI model has a unique and exciting history, so we chose to write about its history on the blog. This article has also been popular, as the OSI model has an exciting and controversial history. A few things regarding the OSI model’s history are pretty interesting.

Moreover, there is disagreement as to how the OSI model began. Curious to find out more about this popular computer networking standard? 

Read all about the history of the OSI model.

Wi-Fi Facts

We all rely on WiFi at our homes, workplaces, and everywhere. Did you know there are so many interesting Wi-Fi facts you probably don’t know? For example, the original name for Wi-Fi was flank speed, signals are not donut shaped (not like the icon we’ve come to know and love), and Interbrand was the inventory of the term. Nicola Tesla also predicted the Internet long before it became material. 

Read on for more fun Wi-Fi facts

How to make a Network Topology Diagram

Automating network topology mapping is a crucial part of what we do, so it’s no surprise that an article about making diagrams was popular last year. This article covers how to make a network topology diagram in both a manual and automated way and popular tools you can use to assist with the process.

Learn more about how to make a network topology diagram.

MSP KPIs: Which should your MSP be monitoring and tracking?

Another hot article on the blog last year was about MSP KPIs and those your MSP should monitor and track. Our Data Scientist writes this article and shares actionable tips on creating KPIs at your MSP. 

Learn more about MSP KPIs

Top Sys Admin Jokes

Many of us laugh from time to time to break up the day. So, it is no surprise that our article on funny Sys Admin jokes sees frequent visits. This article covers 19 top Sys Admin jokes from around the web, and if you’re in the mood for a laugh, head there for a read.

Read all the top Sys Admin jokes.

Top network monitoring blog posts for 2022 conclusion

Some of the top posts on our blog in 2022 include coverage of SNMP port numbers, finding SNMP OIDs for monitoring, and computer networking acronyms. Other popular posts were on Telegram webhooks and Bot API, how SNMP works, and the history of the OSI model. Additionally, many enjoy reading posts, including Wi-Fi Facts, how to make a network topology diagram, MSP KPIs, and funny Sys Admin jokes.

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