15 Top Domotz Questions (and Answers) for our Support Team

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Our award-winning software is complemented by an outstanding support team that helps our users make the most of our platform.

We all know that quality support is an essential factor when choosing software. After all, you want to know you’ll receive help when needed. 

That’s why our support team plays a crucial role in the success of our network monitoring software. They are the superheroes in disguise responsible for assisting with your technical issues. They are always here to help if you have questions about Domotz features, integrations, or troubleshooting any issue you may encounter. 

Domotz is pretty easy to set up and can be a “self-service” experience, especially compared to most network monitoring tools. However, our support is still here to help if you need to understand our software better.

Our support team can play a crucial role in your Domotz experience.

Our support team can answer all your questions during and after the trial.

From providing dedicated technical assistance, troubleshooting issues related to a specific implementation, and ensuring that the Domotz agent is configured correctly to monitor your network.

FAQs for our support team.

Every day, our support team receives lots of questions. In this article, we’ll list the top Domotz questions that our team receives daily. You’ll find them in the following six categories:

Getting Started:





Support and Audit:

#1 What do I need to run Domotz? What are the system requirements?

You can install the Domotz agent on various operating systems and platforms, such as Raspberry Pi, NAS devices, or Virtual Machines. Check out the full list of our Domotz installing options.

Once you have the Domotz agent installed, quickly access the Domotz dashboard to configure your network settings. You just need to provide the necessary permissions and access to monitor your network devices. 

We wish you a pleasant journey with Domotz!

#2 Is Domotz on-premise or cloud-based? 

Domotz is a cloud-based network monitoring system. 

Here are some benefits of a cloud-based network monitoring system like Domotz. 

  • Rapid set-up and highly automated
  • Some are often designed out of the box with multi-tenancy in mind
  • Cloud is hosted, maintained, and secured by the vendor  
  • Easy to set up, use, and maintain
  • On-going support 
  • On-going security patching
  • Features are continuously updated and added 
  • Add/remove users with ease
  • Provide remote access to a network
  • Better cross-platform accessibility

Read more about SaaS vs. on-premise network monitoring software or check out the cloud network monitoring integrations from Domotz. 

#3 Will I need one Domotz agent or more?  

Generally, you will need one Domotz agent per network or subnet you want to monitor. If you have multiple separate networks or subnets that you wish to monitor and manage, you will need multiple Domotz agents.

Learn more about Domotz set-up in different networks and what you may need.

#4 Is Domotz really only €23/month per site?

This is maybe one of the most asked Domotz questions. Our pricing model is straightforward: a flat monthly fee of 23$ per month per network for monitoring all devices, including subnets, endpoints, and VLANs. 

We also offer powerful add-ons to supercharge your network powers and improve your business performance. Check out our booster pack.

We don’t require any long-term commitment, and there are no contracts to sign. All Domotz pricing for agents is on a month-to-month basis, so you can start and stop agents as needed. 

For more details about your specific network set-up, check out our blog post on monitoring networks with subnets and VLANs.

#5 How does the free trial work?

Just sign-up to Domotz for a free trial of the software. This allows you to have significant time to explore the software’s features and learn if it meets your needs.

The free trial does not require a credit card. You will be notified that the trial expires. Then, you can subscribe to a Domotz payment plan.

#6 Does Domotz provide remote device access?  

Yes, Domotz does that. You can connect to a remote device using our remote connection feature. 

To clarify, Domotz will automatically scan open ports for available services without needing a VPN or a particular router configuration. You can connect remotely to a desktop, accessing client machines via a secure encrypted connection. You can remotely access device consoles such as SSH or Telnet. We’ll tell you more – you can have remote web access to HTTP or HTTPS web interfaces. 

We also have the VPN on demand too. Whenever you need a remote connection to the network you monitor, the Domotz Agent initiates an automatic VPN connection, establishing a secure private connection. This eliminates the need for manual configuration and setup of VPN connections each time you need remote access.

#7 What are the integrations with other systems that Domotz offers? Are they free?

Domotz offers thousands of free powerful integrations included in the monthly plan. 

From software like PSA and Ticketing tools, Documentation platforms, and Productivity tools to hardware like Firewalls, access points, and managed switches – Domotz includes thousands of free integrations. 

Check out our integrations page to learn more about all the tools Domotz integrates with.

We keep delivering new integrations to our users to help increase your productivity and help you work more efficiently. 

#8 Can I use Domotz to monitor switches and firewalls?

Sure! Domotz has advanced support and integration features for all the most popular managed network switches. 

In summary, our network monitoring software offers the following:

  • Automated switch port mapping: You can rely on Domotz to automatically detect and associate your devices with the port to which they are connected. You can access individual information for each switch port, such as max throughput, current upload, and download rate.
  • PoE management: If you need to monitor a Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch, you’ll get access to additional features such as power cycling and information regarding total power consumption, and Budget information.
  • Network configuration management: Domotz automatically backup and restore network configurations for switches, firewalls, and access points and get alerts about changes. 

Check out our full list of available integrations in the Managed network switches, firewalls and access points category.

#9 How does SNMP monitoring work with Domotz? 

Network monitoring and SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) work closely within our software: SNMP monitoring is actually one of the top features available on Domotz. SNMP is also one of the most common ways to monitor network devices. It’s used for observing everything including routers, switches, servers, printers, UPS, NAS, and practically any device.

Here below you can find a list of all the articles about SNMP on our blog:

#10 Can Domotz monitor web services?

Sure! Domotz can do that. You can monitor web services using our custom driver feature. It will allow you to further increase the functionality of your software. Find out our full list of integrations of cloud applications and web services that Domotz can monitor.

#11 Can I use Domotz for network inventory? How does it work?

You definitely should use Domotz for your network inventory management. We’ll tell you more – managing your network inventory is one of our core features. 

To explain more, Domotz simplifies the inventory process by automatically discovering and cataloging all your network-based assets. In other words, Domotz creates your inventory database, maintaining an accurate and up-to-date record of all devices connected to a network. Using the asset discovery feature, you’ll get access to information such as device configurations, IP addresses, manufacturers, and more.

In addition, Domotz enables you to access and manage all devices from a single dashboard. You can use our multi-tenant inventory feature to monitor and manage multiple customer sites with a single account.

Finally, Domotz can easily transfer your network asset inventory to Excel or 3rd-party documentation tools such as IT Glue or Hudu

Check our full list of inventory features. Find out our full list of documentation and data aggregation integrations.

#12 Does Domotz provide network performance metrics?

Yes, Domotz provides network performance metrics to help you monitor and optimize your network connectivity. 

Our network monitoring system monitors various aspects of your network, including bandwidth usage, latency, packet loss, and availability.  As a result, Domotz can collect and display network performance metrics in real time. You can find these metrics in a user-friendly dashboard to help you easily track your network infrastructure’s health and performance.

With Domotz, users can set up alerts and notifications based on specific network performance thresholds. This enables proactive monitoring and quick response to any network issues. For example, suppose the bandwidth usage exceeds a particular limit or the latency reaches unacceptable. In that case, Domotz can send instant alerts to the user, ensuring timely action to rectify the problem.

Additionally, Domotz offers a network data aggregation feature that provides you with historical data and trend analysis for network performance metrics. This feature helps you identify what happens on your network when troubleshooting something. This lets you identify patterns and trends for informed network optimization and capacity planning decisions. By understanding the historical performance of the network, you can proactively address potential bottlenecks or capacity limitations.

#13 How to access my network topology?

There is nothing easier than that! This feature is accessible from the Agent Dashboard by selecting “Network Topology.” 

Domotz can automatically retrieve network information that helps you identify how devices are connected. In other words, it shows you an overview of your routers, firewalls, and network connections using a graphical representation called network topology mapping.

Using this feature, you’ll be able to understand your network architecture with a single click quickly. Most of all, the Domotz network mapping tool will show you real-time updates about any network changes. For example, if a device is moved from one access point to another, Domotz will keep track of this information. 

You can simply click on links to check their properties, such as:

  • The port on the switch where this device is connected
  • Its average bandwidth values, displayed in a graph
  • Errors and discarded packets

And you will also be able to click, access, and manage each device you see on the network map.

#14 What are the channels you can get support from?

We are committed to providing excellent support for our and potential clients who want to learn more about our network monitoring software.

Here are some common forms of support:

  • Customer Support: We use customer support to address specific queries and issues. You can reach out to our support team through email. We strive to assist users with technical questions, account-related inquiries, and more. (… we’re famous for being very responsive 🙂).
  • Help Center: Domotz provides a Help Center base that contains articles and tutorials on different topics related to network monitoring, device management, integrations, and more. As a result, users can find valuable documentation, including user guides, installation instructions, FAQs, and troubleshooting resources. These documents cover various aspects of using our network monitoring system, configuring agents, and leveraging our features. The Help Center is a helpful resource for answering common questions and learning about advanced functionalities.
  • Webinars and Training: We conduct webinars and training sessions to help our users on different aspects of the platform. These sessions cover various topics, from basic setup and configuration to advanced use cases and integrations.
  • Domotz Blog: This is your source for the latest network monitoring stories on computer networking and ideas to help you run your MSP business.
  • Communities and Forums: We also have a community forum where you can interact with other users , ask questions, share experiences, and seek advice. We also have the DUGOut Facebook group, which offers community user support.

#15 Can I use Domotz for auditing?

Regarding network auditing, Domotz offers a range of features that make it the perfect tool for auditing a network.

First and foremost, it provides real-time monitoring of network devices, including routers, switches, servers, and IoT devices. It lets you view detailed information about each device, such as IP addresses, MAC addresses, open ports, and network traffic data. Most of all, Domotz offers customized visibility across all your sites, allowing you to choose what to see and where to see it in the format of your choice. You just have to create customized network monitoring dashboards to quickly sort, filter and visualize multiple sites.

Additionally, Domotz allows you to perform network security scans and identify connected devices, providing an accurate inventory of all devices on your network. This can be particularly useful for security audits, as you can easily detect vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, Domotz provides proactive network monitoring alerts for network events and anomalies. It can notify you in real time about significant device status changes, network outages, bandwidth usage spikes, offline device statuses, or other critical network issues. As a result, you can take immediate action and rectify any problems to ensure optimal network performance and security.

Our Support team is a fundamental resource.

In summary, the Domotz support team is a vital component of our network monitoring software’s success, as they help ensure customer satisfaction and facilitate the software’s adoption and usage. 

Those are only a few examples of the top Domotz questions. For more advanced topics, check out the onboarding tips and tricks article.

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