Domotz News From Q1 (January to March) 2024

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As the first quarter of the year wraps up, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the latest developments and achievements from Domotz, a leader in remote network monitoring and management.

From January to March, we were busy bringing you some amazing:

Remember, each network environment is unique, and the specific cause of an IP conflict may vary. By understanding the possible causes and implementing the appropriate resolutions outlined above, you can effectively resolve IP conflicts and maintain a stable and functioning network.

Enhanced SNMP Template Customization

Starting in February, you will be able to select which properties/columns you want to monitor when applying an SNMP template. This enhancement gives you more control and flexibility in monitoring, allowing you to exclude specific properties/columns that you don’t need to track. 

Improve your ability to customize and streamline the monitoring process. By focusing on the most important metrics, you can proactively monitor your network and quickly address critical issues with precision and speed.

Integration Scripts

We deployed several integrations to help you leverage data within Domotz. Try the new custom scripts for:

Use these scripts and the rest of our Automation & Scripts Library to make your Domotz experience a bit more personalized. They are great for setting up custom alerts and letting you tweak your dashboards to maintain a high signal-to-noise ratio.

More Pre-configured SNMP Templates

We also released more pre-configured SNMP templates:

SNMP templates make a great starting point for monitoring. We’ve focused on releasing baselines that you can build on to accomplish anything while following best practices. Of course, our support team is always ready to help, but these resources will let you hit the ground running solo.

Only pay for the assets you care to manage!

Specific device selection is available on the new Collector Settings page. To access the new pricing, contact us at

Serial number now available also in the monitoring dashboards

We improved our network monitoring dashboards by allowing the reporting of device Serial Numbers within the tables. This improvement allows you to track and manage devices more effectively by utilizing the Serial Number as a key piece of device information in the dashboard tables. For detailed insights on how to utilize this new feature, please refer to the Monitoring Dashboards guide.

  • CompTIA – CDCA
  • ConnectWise IT Nation Evolve
  • ISE

Each event is an opportunity to meet us, talk to us, and witness how Domotz can drive change and innovation for your company. Check out the full list of all the events we’ll be attending this year.


We also met many of you at our online events, such as:

We love to hear your questions, suggestions, and anything else you want to discuss. These Live Events are a unique opportunity to get involved and learn about everything new at Domotz to maximize your monitoring experience.


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