Domotz News From Q4 (October to December) 2023

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It’s a new year, and we’re proud to have closed out the last one with a bang! Here’s how we wrapped up Q4 2023 to make Domotz even better.

From October to December, we were busy bringing you some amazing:

  1. See and solve IP Address Conflicts;
  2. Identify misconfigurations through DHCP requests’ monitoring;
  3. Detect degraded network performance;
  4. Keep track of the performance of your networks from the Monitoring Dashboards section across all your sites with our easy-to-use table.

DHCP Discovery

Want to identify physical devices that try to connect to your networks using DHCP requests? Our second Domotz news can help.

Our discovery feature exposes these devices by their MAC addresses, and it’s on by default with new Collector. This enhancement helps you detect device misconfigurations before they become major issues.

Microsoft Azure Networks Discovery

Discovering endpoints in Microsoft Azure’s Virtual Private Clouds can be challenging. We looked at the problem and rolled out a new setting that improves scanning.

Now, you can use a Domotz Collector to enable discovery on Layer-3 protocols. In other words, monitoring is faster, more accurate, and more comprehensive. Try your Domotz Collectors within Azure by reaching out to our support team.

ConnectWise PSA Ticket Linking and Assets and Documentation Synchronization

ConnectWise users can finally enjoy the same seamless two-way synchronization that IT-Glue and Syncro users take for granted. Your new configurations will automatically appear in ConnectWise PSA after scanning with Domotz. Even better, raising alerts in Domotz will create corresponding tickets linked to the correct configurations in ConnectWise. Learn more in our comprehensive user guide.

Custom Scripts

We deployed several integrations to help you leverage data within Domotz. Try the new custom scripts for:

Use these scripts and the rest of our Automation & Scripts Library to make your Domotz experience a bit more personalized. They are great for setting up custom alerts and letting you tweak your dashboards to maintain a high signal-to-noise ratio.

More Pre-configured SNMP Templates

We also released more pre-configured SNMP templates:

SNMP templates make a great starting point for monitoring. We’ve focused on releasing baselines that you can build on to accomplish anything while following best practices. Of course, our support team is always ready to help, but these resources will let you hit the ground running solo.

Increase flexibility and control over your IT assets by manually overriding and customizing the serial number directly in the web app. We even made it simple for users of IT-Glue and Syncro to use their existing favorites for effortless two-way synchronization. 

Domotz Channel Partner Program

Our recent Domotz Channel Partner Program launch was a huge success, and it’s not hard to see why. From pricing discounts to advanced training and dedicated support, MSPs that join gain numerous advantages. Join now to gain access to unparalleled benefits or learn more. 

If you didn’t have time to join and want to know more about our latest improvements, use cases, and more, you can watch the Q&A webinar recording and learn more about Domotz, from onboarding to advanced IT monitoring. 

In addition, you can easily explore exciting new features and tools by playing our Domotz Town Hall. In this video, our CXO, Giancarlo Fanelli, and CPO, JB Fowler, will show you all the latest and most significant releases, improvements, and Domotz Channel Partner Program to Domotz in Q4.


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