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Each month, the Domotz newsletter delivers a wealth of insights and updates aimed at boosting your IT management skills. This issue will probably highlight the newest network monitoring and management technologies developments, equipping you with the expertise and tools necessary for superior IT performance.

This latest update from Domotz enhances everyone’s accessibility and the platform’s utility.

The Domotz team continually explores new innovations.

Do more with Domotz!

We are very excited to share that we are a Gold sponsor at Kaseya Global Connect 2024 in Las Vegas.

If you plan to come, meet our Team at booth #523 to discover how you can do more with our IT infrastructure monitoring software!

In this newsletter, you will also find the latest product news, improvements, and new integration scripts.

Our Product News

New per-device pricing model now supported (Partners Only)

A brand new per-device pricing model has been introduced exclusively for Partners. This new per-device licensing model allows you to retain maximum flexibility in selecting which specific assets to manage via the Domotz platform while benefiting from visibility over the entire network.

Device selection is available on the new Collector Settings page. To access the new pricing, partners need to contact us at

New integration scripts are coming your way

Read all the news about our new integration scripts.

Features Spotlight

More visibility on your Network Traffic

We’ve added new metrics to monitor your network’s bandwidth consumption. Monitor inbound/outbound traffic through our SNMP templates.

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The new centralized Collector Settings is available

View, configure, and manage your Collectors from a centralized “Collector Settings” section. Work smarter and faster with Domotz!

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Network Topology connections

Improve Network Topology connections for devices monitored through a Layer3 scan, for which their MAC address is now discovered via additional protocols. With improved discovery of MAC addresses through additional protocols (like SNMP, when available), this enhancement offers a more accurate and detailed network topology. It aids in identifying how devices are interconnected, especially in complex networks, enhancing visibility and control over the network structure.

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Merge Network Traffic (Extended) and Network Traffic SNMP Template

This improvement combines two key network traffic monitoring possibilities into a more powerful template. It simplifies your monitoring section interface while providing a comprehensive view of network traffic, making it easier to analyze and manage network performance.

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Rely on Domotz Cloud to calculate the Public IP address of the Agent

The following enhancement improves accuracy and reliability in determining an agent’s IP address. It streamlines network setup and maintenance, ensuring seamless connectivity and monitoring.

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Disable IP conflict detection on broadcast network addresses

This update enhances network stability by disabling IP-conflict detection on broadcast addresses, reducing false positives and unnecessary alerts. It ensures that network administrators can focus on genuine issues, improving overall network management efficiency.   

Domotz is committed to continuously improving its IT Infrastructure monitoring and management solution for IT professionals, Managed Service Providers, and Commercial Integrators. 

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Prevent NodeJS 0.10 Network Collectors to use Integration Scripts

In conclusion, we want to specify that Domotz will no longer support the integration scripts that run on node js 0.10.

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Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

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We’ve added support for LSI-MegaRAID-SAS-MIB. You can now monitor and manage devices using this widely used storage interface.

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Domotz & GUDE – A “GUDE” way to monitor and manage your system

Start watching this insightful webinar with JB Fowler from Domotz and Philipp Gude from GUDE. Gain valuable insights into the “GUDE” way of enhancing your system’s performance and reliability.

Domotz Channel Partner Program

Discover our DCPP, designed exclusively for MSPs, Integrators, and Technology Service Providers. Gain access to partner-only site offerings like the Collector+ and Collector XL, along with our new per-device pricing options.

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