Channel Partner Program: Unlocking Opportunities

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We are extremely excited to share more about our Domotz Channel Partner Program.

With the Partner Program, you can unlock unparalleled observability into digital infrastructures, log any metrics, monitor all critical assets, and troubleshoot anything. 

“We constantly strive to service our customers better, and the initiatives we just announced are taking our efforts one step further,” 

Domenico Crapanzano, Executive Chairman of Domotz 

Welcome to our Domotz Channel Partner Program! 

The Domotz Channel Partner Program (DCPP) is designed for Domotz users who want to unlock key benefits such as discounted access to volume pricing, branding and marketing opportunities, premium support, and more, by becoming our partners.

The Domotz Channel Partner Program is exclusively for:

  • Managed Service Providers (MSPs) 
  • Value-Added Resellers (VARs)

With the DCPP, we aim to foster deeper collaboration and mutual growth.

Discover why it makes sense for you to join this journey!

Optimize Your Profits

Enter the DCPP program to get discounts on pricing. You can elevate your margins with access to GlassWire for Business and Domotz at exceptionally competitive rates.

Expand Your Horizons 

Get access to more growth opportunities. Realize the complete potential of your enterprise and capture emerging opportunities through a dynamic and adaptable business model.

Top-Tier Support

Receive priority support with a dedicated team ready to address your inquiries and offer technical assistance.

Abundant Resources and Training

Explore a rich repository of resources, training materials, and marketing collateral to empower you to promote and sell our products effectively.

Stay in the Loop

Receive regular updates to remain up-to-date on program enhancements, new features, and promotions through regular newsletters and partner communications.

We assess the following criteria in your initial application and regularly review them to ensure ongoing eligibility as a Channel Partner for Domotz.

Business Information

Applicants must provide accurate company information, including Company Name, EIN/VAT number, and information about your industry.

Company Revenue and Size

Provide insights into your company’s revenue and the number of employees for a comprehensive assessment.

Growth Potential

The opportunity size, encompassing estimated customers and endpoints, should reflect the significant potential for growth and profitability.

Reselling Potential

Applications should demonstrate the ability to resell Domotz and GlassWire for Business effectively.

Use Case

Clear information regarding the intended use case for Domotz and Glasswire for Business is essential.

Commitment Levels

In order to uphold the program’s integrity and exclusive benefits, partners are expected to commit to a minimum annual purchase volume.

Continuous Feedback

MSPs play a crucial role in refining and enhancing our software by providing regular feedback, particularly when utilizing beta features.

Ethical Standards

Partners are required to adhere to high ethical standards, preventing any misuse of the software or misrepresentation of its capabilities.

Join us on this journey, and let’s grow together! 

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