Domotz and GlassWire Join Forces! More Value to Our Users

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If you’ve ever tried to understand your network traffic better, you’ve probably stumbled upon GlassWire, an endpoint security software

GlassWire has software inventory capabilities, network anomaly detection, and traffic monitoring features. This acquisition represents a significant milestone in Domotz’s mission to provide effortless network visibility and IT infrastructure monitoring and management through a centralized, user-friendly platform.

What is going to make this acquisition valuable for our users?

Millions of users have downloaded GlassWire since its first inception, and the tool now has a well-earned reputation for simplifying endpoint security and traffic monitoring. 

GlassWire is intuitive and easy to use, which sets it apart from many alternatives. Described by PCWorld as “beautifully informative”, another aspect that sets GlassWire apart is its design: beautiful graphs and clear dashboards come out of the box. There’s no need to tweak settings or build your layout. 

Whether you’re an IT admin, an office manager, or a personal user, you can monitor endpoints with little to no technical expertise. The app’s built-in features support tasks like discovering intruders, detecting anomalies, and locking down systems on demand. 

So what’s changing?

One of the immediate outcomes of this acquisition is the introduction of “GlassWire for Business”, a new product designed to empower organizations with advanced endpoint visibility, network security, and traffic monitoring tools.

Domotz infrastructure monitoring and management tools combine automation with centralization to help you excel throughout the lifecycle. From planning and deployment to support and security, Domotz is focused on providing organizations with advanced endpoint visibility, network security, and traffic monitoring tools. This acquisition marks yet another successful milestone in that journey.

GlassWire for Business combines GlassWire’s renowned software inventory capabilities, network anomaly detection, and traffic monitoring features with Domotz’s expertise in advanced network management, creating a powerful and comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes. The solution helps organizations gain complete visibility and understanding of their digital flows over the entire attack surface at a time when work from home and mobile work remain prevalent.

GlassWire for Business takes the elements you love and supercharges them. For instance, you can:

  • Deploy to multiple endpoints, organizations, and sites
  • Resell our industry-leading solutions for network visibility and IT infrastructure monitoring 
  • Manage endpoints from one central Domotz portal for improved total control

GlassWire for Business user interface

These enhancements aren’t random. They share the common goal of meeting the demands of power users. If you’re dealing with complex network topologies or more than a few machines, GlassWire for Business is for you. 

For more details, watch our latest September Town Hall, where our CXO, Giancarlo Fanelli, and our CPO, J.B. Fowler, introduce this new product.

We’re also pleased to announce the launch of our new Domotz Channel Partner Program, which will enable our partners to monetize this very fast-growing segment of the IT observability market.

The Mission Going Forward

GlassWire for Business is available to download via the Domotz Portal. You can deploy it to any Windows endpoint across multiple organizations and sites. Visit for more information.

Need volume discount pricing and premium support? We’ve got you covered. Ready to leverage new marketing opportunities and branding plans? We’ll help your business go that extra mile. 

The Domotz team wants to enhance your IT observability experience now and in the future. Get started today with GlassWire for Business.

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