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The Domotz team is always up to something new.

In the Domotz monthly newsletter, you can expect to find a collection of insights and updates designed to enhance your IT management capabilities. This edition is likely to focus on the latest advancements in network monitoring and management technologies, providing you with the tools and knowledge to excel in your IT operations.

This Domotz release makes the platform more accessible and useful to all.

Luck of the IT: New scripts, insights, and more!

Take a deep dive into Domotz’s March newsletter, discover custom scripts from top brands, catch up on the latest news, and gain exclusive access to our Q1 Town Hall webinar.

This month, stay ahead of the curve in technology with Domotz!

Our Product News

Continuous improvement is our mantra: More monitoring scripts are coming your way!

We are constantly working to improve our Scripts Library so that you can seamlessly integrate with software and hardware brands to expand your monitoring capabilities.

You can monitor and manage devices, servers, virtual machines, web applications, and more with Domotz. Using Domotz, you can ensure your IT operations run smoothly, enhancing your business’s performance, security, and innovation.

Read all the news about our new integration scripts.

Features Spotlight

Only monitor the properties that really matter to you

Easily choose which device properties you want to monitor from the device details section or from the monitoring dashboard. Adopt a proactive monitoring approach with Domotz!

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Effortless troubleshooting with Domotz

Gain comprehensive visibility into your network’s health. Swiftly identify performance and configuration issues using our advanced Network Troubleshooting feature.

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Additional MIBs

Additional MIB files are available for the following devices:

  • ARDF cell devices
  • Aruba Instant MIB
  • Zyxel GS1900 series 
  • Riedel Artist 
  • HP LaserJet 


Configuration Management Enhancements

We’re excited to announce several improvements to our Configuration Management feature, designed to enhance usability and reliability:

  • Automatic Integration Pause
  • Access to Backups on Locked Devices
  • Difference View Enhancement
  • Helpful Unlocking Instructions

These updates are part of our commitment to continually improve the Domotz experience, making network management more intuitive and effective.

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Custom Drivers/Integration Scripts

Significant improvements were also made to our Custom Drivers/Integration Scripts aimed at enhancing stability and expanding functionality: 

  • Optimized Parallelism
  • Enhanced Script Capabilities

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Improved Connectivity Issue Resolution

In our latest update, we’ve improved the message that our WebApp and Mobile App show in relation to connectivity issues.  

When Domotz detects that a firewall is blocking outgoing connections to the Domotz Cloud, you will be presented with a clearer, more informative message.

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Add support for Configuration Management on Aruba CX Switch OS

This enhancement signifies our commitment to expanding compatibility and ensuring seamless network management experiences.  

Specifically, the new Aruba CX Switch OSl now supports Configuration Management.

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Town Hall Q1 2024 – Unlock Q1 Treasures: Join our Town Hall!

Town Hall Q1 2024

Take advantage of our new Town Hall meeting for 2024. Sit back, relax, and discover all the new features and platform improvements with JB, Giancarlo, and Fred!

Domotz Channel Partner Program

Designed exclusively for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Technology Service Providers (TSPs) and Value Added Resellers (VARs), this program aims to foster deeper collaboration and mutual growth.

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