Domotz Newsletter – February 2024 Insights

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The Domotz team is always up to something new.

In the Domotz newsletter, you can expect to find a collection of insights and updates designed to enhance your IT management capabilities. This edition is likely to focus on the latest advancements in network monitoring and management technologies, providing you with the tools and knowledge to excel in your IT operations.

This Domotz release makes the platform more accessible and useful to all.

Get full visibility and control over your IT Infrastructure

Domotz’s newsletter in February is about the following: Powerful new monitoring capabilities, SNMP template customization, new scripts, additional DELL monitoring templates, ConnectWise integration, upcoming events, and more.

Read what’s new at Domotz this month!

Our Product News

Only monitor the properties that really matter to you

Easily choose which device properties you want to monitor from the device details section or from the monitoring dashboard. Rely on a custom and proactive monitoring approach with our latest addition!

New automation and scripts

By leveraging our integration scripts and SNMP templates, you can manage and monitor a wide variety of metrics for network devices, cloud services, and web applications.

With our Automation and scripts, you can proactively identify and address anomalies in any system. Here’s what’s new in this Domotz newsletter:

Integration Scripts

Fujitsu iRMC

Proactive monitor Fujitsu with our ready-to-use custom scripts:

  • General Monitoring
  • Memory Status
  • Power Supplies
  • Fans
  • Component Temperature
  • Components Status

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Apply our custom scripts to extract crucial information about your MikroTik systems. You’ll be able to track as follows:

  • CPU, Memory Usage, and System Information
  • Hardware Sensors

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Apply our pre-configured scripts to monitor the following:

  • Security services status
  • License information

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The script uses the HTTP protocol and will help you to extract and monitor the following:

  • Firmware version
  • Locate mode
  • Location
  • Part number
  • Model
  • Status
  • Serial number

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Pre-configured SNMP templates

Dell EMC

This month, we released the following Dell EMC SNMP templates:

  • General/Documentation
  • Fans
  • PSU

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Additional MIBs

Additional MIB files are available for the following devices:

  • EDS
  • Bequant
  • Cambium
  • Q-SYS
  • Ubiquiti Edge switch
  • Lanse RPDU
  • RoomAlert4E


Execute Custom Scripts as soon as they are associated with the device

With this latest improvement, our software can now boost your capability to execute custom scripts immediately upon their association with a device.

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Improved number of Configuration Management backups stored

View and restore up to 40 configuration backup instances spanning a period of one year. Leverage this feature to gain unparalleled visibility and control over the evolution of your network.

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Enhanced Script Testing Flexibility with Local Credential Use

You can now have the capability to utilize local credentials for testing drivers. In other words, you can test scripts with multiple sets of credentials, offering your clients a broader range of experimentation and customization.

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Upcoming webinar – Deep dive into the network monitoring world

Join us for an exclusive webinar or Domotz & Pax8 that promises to transform how you think about and implement cybersecurity within your organization.

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Designed exclusively for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Technology Service Providers (TSPs) and Value Added Resellers (VARs), this program aims to foster deeper collaboration and mutual growth.

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