Highlights of the Largest Pro AV Show in North America! 

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If you’re serious about AV, then InfoComm is for you. As the preeminent audiovisual trade show, it’s a must-attend industry event. But if you missed InfoComm 2024, don’t worry – here’s a recap of the biggest highlights.

InfoComm is the largest professional audiovisual trade show in North America. The Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association (AVIXA) hosts the event annually, usually around the second week of June.

This show’s sheer size draws many cool exhibitors. Not only are there countless products, but you’ll also get to attend education sessions and other live/digital events. Of course, there are plenty of networking opportunities as well.

Past exhibitors have included companies like Bosch, Dexon Systems, and Logitech. AVIXA also hosted virtual editions of the conference in recent years, including through its AVIXA XChange online community.

The lines between AV and IT have grown increasingly blurry in recent years. More system integrators and IT Professionals are working with systems traditionally reserved for the audiovisual domain – and vice versa. 

What does this mean? It goes deeper than AV systems just being more digitized or cloud-native. Though the use cases may look different, the bottom line is that the same concerns that govern IT now apply to AV: security, efficient use of resources, and the need for cost-efficient oversight. 

Domotz has stepped up to the plate by helping AV providers remotely control their systems for decades. It made sense for us to participate at  InfoComm 2024, but this year, we decided to take things even further. 

We sent some of our top leaders – VP of Integration Services JB Fowler, Customer Support Manager Henrique Salvador, and Account Manager Rory Andersen – to make InfoComm 2024 a success. Of course, they had a great time exploring and meeting people too, but they were definitely focused on our main mission: offering integrators a premium remote monitoring solution

Here is a short video about Domotz at InfoComm.

We believe tradeshows like InfoComm serve a critical purpose. By helping key players connect and get informed, these events enhance industry standards and promote smarter practices. It’s all too easy to get trapped in your own echo chamber, and talking to your peers helps you build perspective. 

For these reasons, we joined InfoComm 2024 not only as an exhibitor but also as a Platinum-level sponsor. We had a fantastic time connecting with people, and we also got to show off some of the advanced features we’ve been working on. 

Domotz makes it easy for integrators to get more done. Given the expansive nature of today’s AV systems, such efficiency gains are more important than ever. 

AV hardware is becoming increasingly connected, from digital signage and receivers to displays, control interfaces, and microphones. With Domotz, integrators gain the power to streamline, replicate, and troubleshoot entire IT workflows – not just systems. 

Domotz offers unparalleled remote control. No matter what your digital infrastructure or equipment you manage looks like, you get to see it all in detail. You can: 

Control any device remotely

Domotz includes support for hundreds of manufacturers, OSes, and systems, making it easy to see how your hardware behaves in real time. We even include free custom scripts for bespoke IoT sensors, so you can stay aware regardless of whether your clients are universities, multinational retailers, or manufacturers. 

Discover devices automatically

Your customers’ needs evolve, and so do their AV assets. Automatic device discovery makes it effortless to incorporate new hardware into your monitoring framework — or deploy monitoring for a new customer with a large existing infrastructure. 

Save time & money

Cut back on unnecessary truck rolls without cutting corners on customer service. Remote monitoring lets you remotely troubleshoot and confirm issues before you visit sites in person. You can even power cycle devices from your office, solving many issues without making a trip. 

Know when things go wrong

With Domotz, you can configure automated, customizable alerts and scripts to take action in response to key events. If problems occur, your customers get the information they need within two business hours to implement immediate, accurate solutions and limit fallout. 

Stay energy efficient

Power distribution unit monitoring improves your odds of running energy-conscious systems and satisfying increasingly tough governance standards. 

Grow your recurring revenue

With Domotz, it’s simple to offer competitive AV-as-a-service models and adapt to a changing business climate. Support for any metric means you can track the performance and revenue factors that matter. 

Read our blog on how to grow recutting revenue

Keep your customers happier

Domotz helps you resolve issues faster and more accurately. Shorter resolution times mean more satisfied customers. 

Stop sacrificing security for transparency

Domotz includes built-in, customizable security features and uses protocols like SNMP to give you fine-tuned security control. 

Domotz does more than just monitor and manage all your devices – it helps you build new, more efficient business models. Learn more by starting a free trial today

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