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Commercial integrators provide vital consulting services for modern businesses. Moreover, these professionals ensure businesses’ IT hardware, software, and network infrastructure works seamlessly. Many commercial integrators also specialize in A/V solutions for commercial environments, such as security camera installation and monitoring, unified communications, lighting, sound, digital media/signage, and corporate network communications. 

Additionally, commercial integrators provide services that enable a business to grow and scale without adding to the head count. In addition to the set-up and installation of technology, many commercial integrators provide ongoing services to their customers. Services commercial integrators can offer include:

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This article will explore the critical role that commercial integrators play in business. Additionally, we will look at the extra value-added services they can offer clients.

What is a commercial integrator?

Commercial integrators are a vital cog in modern business. Contemporary business workflows use a mix of:

  • Complex software stacks
  • IT Hardware
  • IT network infrastructure (learn more about network device monitoring)
  • Audio-visual equipment (unified communications, IP camera systems, control systems, digital signage, lighting, cabling etc.)

Guaranteeing these components work well together is challenging. This scenario is where commercial integrators come in. Firstly, they provide consulting expertise and knowledge of IT components to ensure companies implement the right software and hardware and guarantee that these systems work harmoniously.

Additionally, they use their skills to help business plan, coordinate, implement, schedule, test, and optimize modern computer, networking, and A/V systems.

What do commercial integrators do?

Commercial integrators are also known as system integrators. Furthermore, these professionals consult with businesses to understand their IT needs and requirements. Then, they help them plan and design the hardware and software implementation to help companies meet their goals.

Commercial integrators’ work can focus on an entire system, particular projects, or even solving specific technical issues.

  • Some of the business benefits of using a commercial integrator are:
  • Save on staff overheads by using fractional services.
  • Optimize workflows across departments as the business scales or grows.
  • Benefit from best practices for integration
  • Optimize individual departments
  • Access knowledge of cutting-edge software and hardware

Why are commercial integrators interested in offering additional services?

One-off jobs are an essential revenue stream for commercial integrators. But they’re hard to rely on solely. Customer acquisition costs are rising. Constantly bringing in new customers takes time, effort, and marketing skills.

Offering additional services allows commercial integrations to tap into the value of recurring revenue. Service contracts allow for a regular stream of work and more predictable income.

However, the benefits of extra services also extend to their customers. Additionally, modern businesses enjoy leveraging subscription services too. Finally, using a commercial integrator allows a company to access expertise without adding to its employee headcount.

​​What subscription services can commercial integrators offer?

The primary responsibilities of a commercial integrator involve helping businesses implement or optimize their IT systems. However, it is also a relationship business. They deliver integrations, including getting to know the client and forging long-term connections.

The best commercial integrators take the time to understand each business they work with. This process involves understanding each client’s unique goals and business objectives. Developing these relationships is necessary for recommendations to be more effective.

Businesses also want closer relationships with clients. Warranty, aftercare, and support are one part of the equation. Another essential part involves having a consultant that can help implement long-term strategies.

Here are some subscription services that commercial integrators can offer their clients.

Network Monitoring as a Service (NMaaS)

Developing in-house network management is time-consuming. It requires particular expertise and knowledge and expensive headcount increases.

As a result, many businesses contract network management to third-party service providers.

Networking monitoring as a Service (NMaaS) involves three primary elements. They are:

  • Initially implementing the network tools and infrastructure and then managing and maintaining it over the long-term
  • Supporting in-house staff that help with network monitoring
  • Supporting or training employees to help monitor the network

Commercial integrators that offer these services are well-positioned to respond to the needs of modern businesses. Networking monitoring helps firms:

  • Reduce network downtime
  • Respond to outages quickly
  • Ensure better network performance
  • Identify security risks
  • Achieve maximum ROI from IT network projects

Utilizing an NMaaS contract has clear commercial and performance advantages for businesses. Offering these services to clients is a massive opportunity for commercial integrators. 

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After warranty assistance

Installing IT equipment and software is a significant investment. However, when warranties run out, companies are left in the dark.

IT hardware cycles have limitations. When the equipment enters the ‘End of Service Life’ (EoSL) stage, vendors withdraw their support and encourage end users to upgrade to the new models. However, if the equipment still works well, making a new investment only sometimes makes sense.

Commercial integrators can offer after-warranty assistance to businesses to ensure they get maximum ROI on their spending. This support can involve maintenance or troubleshooting issues.

The availability of these services translates to money-saving for businesses. Instead of upgrading equipment, they can increase profits or invest money in other areas by increasing the life cycle of their IT investments.

Cybersecurity services

Over the last few years, the widespread digital transformation has come at a cost. While cloud-based tools have made remote work possible, they have led to increased network vulnerability. Learn more about network security

When you add in the increasing sophistication of cyber criminals and the financial and reputation costs involved in data leaks and hacks, cybersecurity has never been more critical.

Offering cybersecurity services makes sense if you’ve already developed relationships with a client as a commercial integrator. You already have a working knowledge of the business’s equipment, software stack, and sector. Additionally, if you are familiar with their niche, you should know the regulatory compliance they need to meet to keep their licenses and avoid fines.

Vendor coordination

Commercial integrators can also offer vendor coordination as a service. Modern businesses use a vast array of suppliers for their IT solutions. Keeping on top of these vendors takes a lot of work.

You can offer a vendor coordination service that helps with the following:

  • Selecting vendors
  • Onboarding vendors
  • Developing vendor relationships
  • Controlling costs
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Ensuring services are satisfactory
  • Monitoring and reducing third-party supplier risk
  • Reporting on value

Vendor coordination is a natural extension of a commercial integrator’s work. Moreover, it involves knowledge of a broad range of hardware, software, and infrastructure suppliers and how each one can benefit your client.


As more businesses prioritize lean and agile setups, the need to outsource specialist departments grows. However, IT support is still something that firms can only do.

Additionally, commercial integrators can use their existing client relationships to offer troubleshooting or ticketing systems. For example, you can help a business implement ticket software and provide the expertise to solve the issues. Moreover, you can do a considerable amount of this work remotely.

Additionally, you can provide this service for teams with existing troubleshooting or ticketing software. Again, your knowledge of your client’s current setup and tools can give you an edge over other service providers.

Pro tip: Use Domotz integration with popular ticketing and PSA tools to help with the job. We’ll automatically detect network and device events and create, update, and close tickets in your PSA tool. 

Asset management

IT asset management, also known as ITAM, is increasing in importance. ITAM involves ensuring visibility over a business’s assets, such as hardware, software, networking infrastructure, and data. Furthermore, the service can include audits, inventory checks, maintenance, upgrades, performance optimization, and, where necessary, disposal. Additionally, commercial integrators can enhance their client’s setup through asset management services.

Final thoughts on the Services Commercial Integrators can offer

Firstly, commercial integrators play an essential role in modern IT implementations. Additionally, their knowledge of the vendor landscape and their client’s unique needs, requirements, and goals means their usefulness extends beyond recommending and configuring products.

Commercial integrators can offer services that help businesses manage, maintain, and secure IT software, hardware, and networks.  

Learn more about Domotz services for commercial integrators.

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