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As a commercial integrator, you play a vital role in helping businesses succeed. But that doesn’t mean you can take your own success for granted. With solid IT infrastructure monitoring and management tools, satisfying your clients is possible.

So, what should you look for in an IT infrastructure oversight solution?

In this article, we’ll share why successful commercial integrators prefer Domotz:

If you are a Commercial integrator, this means you combine different technologies to create comprehensive, often automated, business solutions. They’re essential to ensuring that distinct technological systems within work together seamlessly. However, every client has unique needs, and it’s critical to adapt. You need to grasp the big picture, even if you’re working with the fine details.

Domotz network monitoring software empowers you to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot customer networks remotely, delivering outstanding customer service and reducing truck rolls while managing multiple IT networks.

Why is this so valuable? Domotz standardizes how you work with networked software, hardware, and OSes. Instead of wasting time switching contexts, you can apply proven strategies across the board.

As the IT landscape evolves, commercial integrators face many challenges that require innovative solutions and a forward-thinking approach. Find here some of them.

Improving Remote Monitoring

The evolution of the market increasingly necessitates remote monitoring:

These trends suggest that you need to keep remote assets observable as an integrator. But there’s a catch: the same tendencies also mean remote monitoring is getting harder.

Troubleshooting Faster To Save Money

The proliferation of IT infrastructures is a huge hurdle to corrective action. As AV, point-of-sale, and other business networks become more connected, it isn’t always clear where problems originate.

Fixing issues takes far more time when there are more things to check, increasing troubleshooting labor costs. Speeding up the process strengthens your bottom line.

Improving Support Services

Simply building robust networks isn’t enough. You also have to provide extensive support, and these burdens are only increasing.

People don’t want to wait forever for you to close tickets. They also want you to be a good partner, sometimes you’ll need to guide them by the hand as they explore new IT business applications. Good support is integral to boosting satisfaction and trust, but it’s a full-time job.

Domotz helps solve the challenges with features that simplify your life.

  1. Remote Connection
  2. Power Cycling
  3. Configuration Monitoring and Management
  4. Network Infrastructure and Visibility
  5. Device Response Time
  6. Troubleshooting and useful Dashboards
  7. Web Application and Cloud Services Monitoring

Domotz scans open ports for available TCP services, making them quickly and easily visible in a personalized dashboard. From our software, you can initiate a temporary secure remote connection with one click. This is perfect for diving into individual device configurations at will without compromising security.

Learn more about how it works in this video.

With the Domotz UPS and PDU management, you don’t need to jump out of your favorite high-efficiency workflows to power cycle devices. You can save hours and avoid frustration by power cycling right from your dashboard.

Domotz offers multiple ways to power cycle devices, including software rebooting. You can also power cycle en masse by associating network devices with Power Distribution Unit (PDU) outlets and PoE switches.

Read our tutorial or check out this video to learn how to power cycle the smart way with Domotz.

Configuration monitoring and management are vital to keep your assets secure and performant. Domotz offers comprehensive features and supports a variety of devices and manufacturers. Whether you’re dealing with firewalls, switches, servers, or other connected hardware, you can prevent disasters, reduce downtime, and discover threats faster.

Here’s a video on the fundamentals.

Domotz network infrastructure monitoring makes supervision more comprehensive and intuitive. You can see what’s happening in real-time and discover granular performance insights on demand. It’s also easier to enforce security standards, uphold compliance practices, and generate detailed reports.

Every aspect of the network becomes more visible, so you never miss profit opportunities.

Understanding device response time is crucial to providing profitable services. Your customers care about service quality, but you need more time to ping every single IT asset.

Domotz does the hard work on your behalf. In addition to initiating real-time pings, you can configure your agent to collect round-trip delay and packet loss data periodically. You can also create alerts when performance dips, making it easier to stay informed.

Network troubleshooting works better with good feedback. The problem is that performance data can be tough to decipher, there’s just too much of it.

Domotz handles the basics, like monitoring DHCP requests, analyzing buffer bloat, measuring latency, and more. Thanks to the friendly dashboard ecosystem, you can observe any statistic you need to correct problems faster.

Cloud and web app monitoring power today’s connected ecosystem. But there’s no catch-all solution because there are so many different distributed computing implementations. Even worse, 98% of enterprises use multi-cloud infrastructures with at least two providers, and 31% use four or more.

Domotz solves the issue by granting you flexibility in the form of custom scripts. The Domotz script library lets you build monitoring solutions for any web app or cloud infrastructure. You can even create custom alerts to get notified of special events.

Integrators love Domotz for many reasons. Multiple users tell us it’s great for the long game, working consistently for years thanks to routine upgrades and updates. Others like how easy it is to set up and configure in minutes, making it the logical foundation for complex remote maintenance.

One of the most common things users say is that Domotz sees everything while avoiding confusing clutter. You can check your most critical devices at a glance and use scripts to build custom integrations and monitoring tools. Thanks to our competitive price point (you can try it for free), Domotz is the ideal solution for growing integrators.

IT infrastructure monitoring and management are crucial for commercial integrators, but they need help to get it right. Your tech stack has to be on point to deliver the visibility and efficiency you need to stay aware. As an integrator, however, you’re accountable for what your clients want.

Domotz works on top of any infrastructure to make effective oversight a reality. Try it out today to see why it’s so popular.

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