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9 reasons Domotz is perfect for commercial integration.

In commercial integration, you deal with many technologies on the networks you install. Not only are you responsible for maintaining a network and devices, but you’ve also got to deal with all the audio-visual equipment as well. Lighting systems, sound systems, audio/visual systems, security cameras, and the list continues. 

As a commercial integrator you probably already know how difficult it can be to ensure all these systems are online and working well for your clients. Are you using any tools to ensure all these components of technology are working as they should be? If not, you should be! 

Tools like Domotz can help you achieve better results for your clients while also saving you loads of time.  Domotz helps you monitor all your devices, systems, and the network. Additionally, it gives you an added superpower. The software alerts you immediately when something does go wrong and also allows you to fix problems remotely when they do occur to keep your clients happy and save you time. 

So let’s dive into the top reasons Domotz is the perfect tool to help commercial integrators. Additionally, we’ll look at why our top rated network monitoring software and commercial integration go hand in hand. 

Easy to install 

The learning curve is one of the most significant barriers to adopting network monitoring software. This is because up until recently installing network monitoring software required huge amounts of time and resources. Furthermore, these tools were difficult to deploy and maintain. On the other hand, Domotz is very easy to use and install. No exaggeration here, we’ve had some of our customers install hundreds of networks for monitoring within a single week. Additionally, Domotz does not require certifications or extensive training to operate. It uses a high degree of automation, so you can get your commercial networks set up for monitoring within minutes. Moreover, you can sort of hit the ground running when it comes to getting a monitoring system in place. 

Integrated with your commercial integration technology

Domotz includes over 1000+ free integrations. Moreover, we’ve got integrations with the top hardware players in the commercial integration industry like Crestron, Sony, Wyrestorm, Netgear, Draytek, Gude, APC, and Tripp Lite, and many more. Learn all about our commercial integration partners.

Proactively monitor for problems

Rather than waiting for disaster to strike, with Domotz, you’re setting up a system to proactively identify problems. This means you’re equipped to identify problems before they impact your clients. For example, if a network speed drops below a certain threshold, we’ll send you an alert. This can help you identify if a network has issues before it goes down. In our Manage section on Domotz, you can log in to the software and quickly identify networks with security issues or important devices offline. Moreover, this tells you which networks critically need your assistance. All of these features are designed to help you identify problems in advance and put a stop to them. Did somebody say, network superstar? 

You have more than one customer, right?

If you are a commercial integrator, then you are keenly aware of the fact that you have many, many customers that expect a high level of service.  In fact, you likely have more customers than you can deal with right now.   The only way you can become more efficient at managing all your customers is with better tools.  Domotz is a multi-tenant platform that allows you to proactively monitor ALL your customers.  This brings efficiencies to your teams and is a valuable labor-saving tool.  You should be focused on the problems that matter and having a tool like Domotz, that gives you immediate awareness of situational issues, is such an important part of helping you scale with all your customers.

Complies with the toughest commercial integration security regulations

In contrast to many other tools for network monitoring, Domotz is SOC2 certified. Additionally, it is used in a lot of complex IT environments. This means that if your clients have specific security policies and regulations, you can still adopt Domotz for use in these environments. Domotz meets the highest security regulations through our SOC2 certification as well as our previous experience meeting the highest standards. Give your customers more confidence by choosing Domotz and ensuring that you’re using a tool with the highest security standards. 

Generate RMR

If you install commercial integration technology, then Domotz can help you generate more revenues. The cost of the software is a flat monthly subscription per month per network leaving you plenty of room to build out your services. Typically we see commercial integrators building packages directly around the Domotz offering. Moreover, you can charge customers a monthly subscription for monitoring. Or you may choose to bill a flat service fee for maintenance. How you build your package is totally up to you. 

Save time troubleshooting

If you’re in the commercial integration business you know that technology does fail and you need to be prepared for when that happens. Problems can arise for many reasons. Whether it be a device that needs a reboot, a device getting unplugged, a faulty configuration, or if you need to patch a device for security purposes, you need to be able to manage your networks and devices remotely.

Domotz is the perfect tool for this because it is not only a monitoring solution but also a remote management system. Furthermore, it includes all kinds of features that enable you to solve problems remotely such as remote power management, remote device access, and VPN on-demand features. This is super handy because it means you can solve problems fast when something does go wrong. Likewise, you can solve problems without having to visit a site. This is especially handy because it solves problems faster (to keep your client happy), and using a remote tool will save you time (to keep yourself happy). 

Custom Dashboards through APIs

Many commercial integrators want to have a customized dashboard that allows their service and support teams to have direct access to the systems they care about.  Furthermore, they want to provide their end customers with reporting on how well the systems have been performing.  Domotz makes it super easy to extract information about all your systems through the public APIs. These APIs can be connected to tools like Microsoft’s Power BI for reporting and analytics as well.  The APIs are so powerful that you can even establish secure, remote connections and power cycle devices through these APIs, giving your teams a faster and easier troubleshooting platform.  This is one part that makes Domotz so unique.

Monitor security cameras 

More and more clients are asking their commercial integrators to install IP cameras in their office, commercial and retail environments. Moreover, surveillance cameras help with security, compliance, and business loss prevention. The result is that commercial integrators are more frequently installing them everywhere. The good news is that Domotz includes features designed specifically for monitoring IP cameras. You can use the software to check that all cameras are online, functioning as they should be, and pointed in the right direction. Additionally, you can even display IP camera footage directly from Domotz. Moreover, if there’s an issue with a camera you’re monitoring and it goes down, you’ll get alerts straight away. Read the case study with Alvarez technology group to learn why Domotz is a crucial component of their camera monitoring set-up. 

Network monitoring for commercial integration

Whether you need to monitor IP cameras or generate RMR and solve more problems remotely, Domotz is the perfect tool for your commercial integration business. Furthermore, it’s got the features you need to do your job more efficiently and it’s available at a price point that fits very well with the commercial integration business model. 

Ready to see for yourself how Domotz can help your commercial integration business?

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