Navigating Excellence: A Reflection on Domotz Values & a Journey in HR

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Meet Viola Angela Izzo, HR Manager at Domotz.

In the dynamic landscape of Domotz, our HR manager stands as a beacon of unwavering dedication to our company’s core values

In this insightful piece, she opens the door to her career at Domotz, weaving a narrative that intertwines personal growth with the company’s values. 

As a custodian of our workplace culture, she reflects on the profound impact of Domotz’s values on her professional journey. 

Join us on this introspective voyage as our HR manager delves into the intersection of personal and organizational values, shedding light on the driving force behind the success and cohesion that make Domotz truly exceptional.

How would you describe the Domotz culture? 

The culture at Domotz is a mix of values that resonate with every employee. We emphasize uncompromising honesty, professionalism, and integrity, creating a respectful and supportive environment. 

Domotz goes beyond just serving customers. It’s about creating an atmosphere of care, respect, and excellence. After all, if you do not care for your colleagues or “internal” customers, you will not authentically care about the external customers.

We also encourage employees to bring their thoughtful and inspirational ideas to the forefront, a testament to our commitment to quality over haste. Additionally, our culture promotes shared knowledge and collaboration, deeply appreciating each team member’s diverse talents, initiatives, and skills.

Tell us about your journey at Domotz

My journey at Domotz began a year ago when I assumed the role of HR Manager. Having previously worked in the HR field as a recruiter and talent hunter for nearly four years, I was drawn to Domotz’s unique and innovative culture. The transition into this role provided me with a fresh and exciting perspective, blending my background in psychology and HR with the dynamic tech environment.

How have you grown and developed in your career at Domotz? 

My journey at Domotz has been a significant period of growth. 

The company’s flat hierarchical structure and close-knit, international setting have empowered me to evolve as a people manager. I’ve learned the art of fostering a supportive, friendly, informal workplace that discourages “lone wolves” and champions teamwork. 

The company’s commitment to employee well-being, work-life balance, and professional development has influenced my approach to HR.

What do you enjoy the most about being at Domotz? 

What I cherish the most about being at Domotz is the sense of unity and support. This is not a company where you’re left to fend for yourself. At Domotz, we actively collaborate and support one another, covering each other’s backs and creating an atmosphere of trust and teamwork that is truly exceptional.

You can express yourself, speak up, and bring your ideas here. Your curiosity and willingness to improve and expand your knowledge are encouraged and nurtured.

In addition, at Domotz, you as an individual matter. Your life, your safety, and your well-being are genuinely valued. When thinking about what makes a #greatplacetobe, Domotz embodies all the principles and characteristics.

Here are just a few examples of it: 

  • We offer a hybrid solution that allows employees to work both from the office and, some days, remotely. This flexibility enables people to find the right balance between their work life and personal needs. 
  • We provide permanent contracts to all employees, even those in entry-level positions, and for all roles. 
  • Micro-management is not our style. Instead, we promote the freedom to unleash your creativity and make your mark.
  • We provide our people with many training opportunities they may want to be enrolled in.  
  • Instead of setting unrealistic, unattainable KPIs to determine bonuses, we conduct annual salary reviews based on performance, attitude, intentions, and willingness.
  • We allocate a monthly budget for team-building activities.
  • Every Friday, our engineering employees can dedicate their time to innovative pet projects.
  • We have initiated cross-country exchange programs to strengthen the relationships among team members working in different offices, facilitating smoother communication and allowing our employees to experience diverse cultures and enrich themselves personally.

In summary, Domotz is a place where you’re not just another employee or executor. You are part of a supportive, innovative, and caring community that encourages growth, development, and individual well-being. It truly is a great place to be!

Tell us about a time when you felt really proud of your work at Domotz

I find great satisfaction in observing our employees at Domotz enjoying their work and maintaining a harmonious work-life equilibrium. 

This passion and balance constitute essential elements of our company culture, and it’s a source of personal fulfillment when I witness our employees flourishing personally and professionally. Fostering their growth and well-being is central to my role, and achieving that balance deeply resonates with me.

What’s your favorite part of your role? 

The most rewarding part of my position is my concrete impact on our employees’ lives. 

I have the privilege of listening to their needs and contributing to their personal and professional growth, ensuring they have a nurturing environment in which to thrive. Knowing I play a part in enhancing their well-being and growth is exceptionally fulfilling.

What transferable skills are essential when transitioning into a tech career?

Transitioning into a tech career demands a range of transferable skills. 

Firstly, rapid learning and adaptability are essential because the tech industry is a constantly changing, fast-paced environment. 

Secondly, a sincere passion for continuous learning and expanding one’s knowledge and skills is also crucial. 

Thirdly, the tech world is dynamic and complex, so the ability to tackle challenges and communicate complex ideas is pivotal. 

In addition, a genuine enthusiasm for technology and innovation is indispensable for success in this field. 

Last but not least, don’t forget to collaborate effectively with your team: your “foes” are code and bugs, not your colleagues!

What advice would you give to candidates interested in joining Domotz?

To candidates considering joining Domotz, I’d offer this advice: 

Embrace the collaborative spirit and come prepared to grow”. 

Viola Angela Izzo

Domotz is a place where individual contributions matter, but the collective effort sets us apart. 

Be ready to learn, share, and thrive together. 

This is a company where you can make a meaningful impact, and your journey here will be defined by the support, respect, and innovation that permeate every corner of our organization.

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