Domotz News from Q3 (July to September) 2023

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Fall is a time of change, a season for fresh starts and progress. And we have huge improvements and many Domotz news. 

Our team has been busy over the past few months. We’ve released new features, published many Custom Scripts in our new Library, announced the Domotz Academy, and more. 

Here’s a roundup to catch you up to speed on the latest Domotz News from July through August and September 2023.

New Features 

At Domotz, we constantly innovate to enhance your monitoring and management experience. It’s exciting to present a host of new features that empower you to take control of your network and devices like never before.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s new:

Firstly, we want to mention that we have debuted our power-packed Custom Scripts Library. This library allows you to select from many pre-configured scripts that Domotz developed or custom scripts you can easily create. With this feature, you will always feel safe. In other words, you can effortlessly search for specific scripts for your unique scenarios and requirements. 

To summarize, the library is still growing and covers a wide range of devices, software applications, and cloud monitoring scripts, such as:

With this improvement, when you are in the Monitoring section, you can easily switch from a static to a dynamic table or directly create a new dynamic one! In addition, you can define specific criteria for including devices in your monitoring tables by leveraging custom filters. 

A new device will automatically appear in the table whenever it meets the filter conditions. Moreover, you can create monitoring tables that adapt to changes in your network environment. 

What’s more, you shouldn’t update your tables manually anymore. Through this powerful release, you will simplify the monitoring workflows and get real-time updates.

If you don’t want to create your tables from scratch, you can switch from static to dynamic table type in just a few clicks. This will allow you to monitor all your devices, including newly discovered ones, dynamically. 

Learn more about our dynamic monitoring table.

One of our biggest Domotz news is to allow users to scan routed subnets via TCP. This is a huge breakthrough for the many users who request the feature. With this enhancement, we improve our network scanning capabilities.

With our Advanced TCP-based Scanning feature, you can achieve visibility into your network landscape, even for devices that don’t respond to ICMP-based scans. This enhancement reflects our dedication to providing flexible and efficient solutions tailored to your network monitoring requirements.

Access for free to our Domotz Academy and explore our collection of training videos to get the most out of our network monitoring software.

We love helping you learn to monitor more effectively.

Love our Fortinet integrations? Lucky for you, we made them even better. With our enhanced integration for managing Fortinet devices, we are elevating the standards of management, security, and network visibility. 

Domotz offers seamless Power over Ethernet (PoE) support, efficient configuration management, and comprehensive topology mapping through our complete integration with Fortinet. These features are seamlessly incorporated into our platform, allowing users to optimize their Fortinet devices easily. 

This advancement signifies our commitment to providing advanced solutions, ensuring a smooth and integrated experience for managing networks and enhancing security.

We are delighted to introduce the possibility of defining parameters for Custom Scripts during the association of scripts to devices via the Public API.

This new possibility simplifies and expedites the configuration of our custom scripts, enabling you to perform mass associations of scripts to multiple devices with ease and efficiency. By leveraging the Public API, you can now automate the process of custom script configuration, enhancing your network monitoring and management capabilities.


Dashboard Headers

Of course, having more data points at your command can be tricky when it comes to expanding your monitoring horizons, workflow design matters. Our team clarified the dashboard with intuitive header filters and on-demand dynamic tables.

Custom Filters

With significant data comes great responsibility and more work! 

We wanted to improve your efficiency while monitoring a specific type of device. When setting up a Monitoring Table and choosing a dynamic list of devices and entities, you can directly access the editing section of Custom Filters from the Monitoring Dashboard area. 

Create and edit custom filters from there, browse all the devices through different Sites, and boost efficiency!  

We add editing and deletion enhancements. We beefed up monitoring with a unique metric search tool that lets you dig for performance data.

Stay Tuned for More Domotz News

These are just some improvements we made to wrap up the blazing summer. We’re constantly posting new town halls, security white papers, and webinars, so keep your eyes peeled. Follow our socials, visit the Domotz blog, and reach out. Keeping up with Domotz is the best way to stay on top of cutting-edge network monitoring!

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