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How Network Device Monitoring Works?

Network device monitoring is a critical part of keeping any IT system healthy. Modern architectures and software stacks are increasingly complex, so pinging your systems manually or hanging them out by the server racks all day aren’t viable solutions. Here’s how our network device monitoring works, why it matters, and how MSPs can keep up with intelligent tools like Domotz. Learn all about the top 5 benefits of network monitoring from the perspective of a managed service provider. 

What Is Network Device Monitoring?

Industry insiders like VMWare define network device monitoring as continually watching connected systems for problems. While that seems basic, so it’s worth unpacking.

An important detail to note is that this job requires consistency. Effective network monitoring isn’t just something you do when you have problems. Establishing a baseline lets, you know what’s normal and how to diagnose issues as they arise.

Understand that monitoring isn’t just about passive observation — it also makes you more proactive. For instance, you might set up an integration with your email, SMS, or Slack channel to let admins know when they need to make fixes, investigate faulty hardware, shut down suspicious web traffic, or take steps to prevent downtime. Learn more about our network management integrations

 The Benefits of Network Device Monitoring

This type of monitoring has countless advantages. It can:

  • Provide your entire network estate in one place, giving you an overview of everything. 
  • Improve security by knowing what’s on a network. Learn more about designing a network security architecture.
  • Reveal the big-picture perspective of your network and device systems at any moment. 
  •  Improve your odds of fixing problems cost-effectively — before the fallout damage becomes irrecoverable. 
  •  Help you understand why things go wrong with your network and devices. 
  • Reveal where your operating expenditures are going by showing detailed information about system usage, power consumption, and maintenance trends,
  • Clue you in on ways to improve service delivery, such as balancing traffic or load, and
  • Uncover security threats in remote and distributed systems.

Domotz Network Device Monitoring 

As we mentioned earlier, network monitoring is a big job. Sure, it may technically be possible if you’re just running a small office with only a few computers and a printer or two, but that’s not realistic for most businesses — let alone MSPs.

Want to accomplish more with network device monitoring? Domotz empowers you with network device monitoring features like: 

Unlimited endpoints

You can monitor as many devices as you like — on a single network or across VLANs and subnets. Domotz allows you to watch unlimited network devices. Learn more about how to make a network topology diagram.  

New device alerts

An essential aspect of network device monitoring, especially for MSPs, is receiving alerts when something new joins the network. New device alerts are critical for network device monitoring. These alerts allow you to see if something is on the network that should not be so you can take appropriate action. You get immediate notification when something new joins the network.  

Custom network monitoring dashboards

Firstly, Domotz lets you tailor your monitoring practices on a case-by-case basis. Moreover, you can build your dashboards, making filtering out information that doesn’t enhance your operational readiness easier. 


Customizable alerts allow you to take decisive action promptly. They’re critical to ensuring you can respond appropriately no matter when events start happening or performance falls below your preferred threshold.


SNMP is a popular protocol supported by most network-capable hardware. Moreover, with Domotz, you can easily monitor any SNMP OID value and set up automated alerts. Learn more about how SNMP works and the differences between SNMP v2 vs v3.

Advanced network reporting

Deciphering network device monitoring data is anything but simple. Furthermore, Domotz lets you build and generate reports that clarify things for stakeholders and clients.

Device response time and statistics

Fighting security breaches and fixing problems is part of the monitoring story. Moreover, Domotz lets you track key performance metrics in real-time, revealing more about your services and capabilities.

Shared alerts and profiles

Domotz integrates with various PSA tools, messaging systems, and ticketing platforms to ensure the right people get the right insights at the right time.

Learn more about why you should add a network monitoring tool to your tech stack. 

Adopting a Network Device Monitoring Tool

Finally, the more your infrastructure grows, the harder it is to keep track of it all. Moreover, many noteworthy events, like security breaches, can unfold over days or even months. Additionally, device monitoring is vital to building a system that lets you separate the signal from the noise and draw ready conclusions from ongoing feedback.

Adopt a network device monitoring strategy that improves how you operate. Try Domotz network monitoring software today. 

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