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You already know ByteBeat brings you the most interesting IT stories from around the world.

Today, we’re focusing on headlines that matter to a special segment of our industry: Commercial Integrators.

Lines Blurring Between AV, IT, and Security

Where do the boundaries between Audio/Video, IT, and security lie? Are these domains on a collision course? The convergence is happening whether you like it or not, and how you handle the transition makes a difference. This article offers a bit of a historical perspective and some good advice for integrators to heed moving forward.

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Complete Guide to Line Array Speakers for Commercial Integrators

Taking charge of a venue is easier when everyone can hear what you’ve got to say. Line array speakers are a practical solution for large spaces, but they might not be familiar to most. This breakdown explains the basic workings and benefits of these speakers. It also includes a lineup of some of the most popular brands.

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SNA Displays to Supply Lamar University Video Scoreboards

What does an NCAA Division I public college do when it wants to spruce up its stadium? Obviously, it invests in a massive video scoreboard, but choosing the right solution isn’t easy.

Many considerations went into Lamar University’s decision to hire SNA Displays. This article breaks down the details behind the Houston-area institution’s implementation of its new gameday tech.

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AV Installations Using Crestron XiO Cloud Get GUDE PDU Support

Those who rely on Crestron‘s XiO Cloud technology for AV installations just gained more options at no extra cost. Crestron now supports GUDE’s premium power distribution units (PDUs).

This should deliver multiple benefits, including better device protection and improved energy efficiency. It will also make it possible to leverage strengths the PDUs are already known for, like remote power cycling, alarms, and in-depth monitoring.

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HP Poly Introduces Bluetooth Direct for Zoom Meetings

Nobody really enjoys Zoom meetings, but an update to HP Poly (via the Poly Lens Desktop App) might at least make them a bit less stressful. The company’s Bluetooth direct technology is designed to take the hassle out of hybrid work by giving Poly headsets new performance enhancements and options.

Noteworthy improvements include seamless connections without adapters or manual adjustments. But this upgrade doesn’t only impact individual users. IT teams will also gain benefits, such as enhanced abilities to manage and monitor devices.

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Ohio Library Coordinator DIY Installs AMX Jetpack to Better Serve BYOD Patrons

Franklin-Springboro Public Library Technology Coordinator Chad Morris needed to redo the library’s IT infrastructure. Why? The facility wanted to cater to visitors who brought their own devices. The solution was to combine an AMX Jetpack 3×1 switching, transport, and control solution with a Harman JBL Professional speaker system.

Morris ended up handling the project on his own. But this story is full of good lessons for integrators thinking about serving public-sector organizations – especially those on a budget.

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Extron AV Technology Lands in Utah Tech University Classrooms

When Utah Tech (UT) University built its science, engineering, and technology building, it went all in on AV. It contracted Extron to standardize not only the new building but also systems campuswide.

This is a great example of the scope of a major installation at an institution of higher learning. Extron ended up installing switches, distribution, audio amplification, and control hardware in 35 classrooms. It also upgraded an additional 175 rooms with remote-manageable devices.

Why overhaul everything instead of just installing systems in the new building? The university wanted to unify instructors’ AV experiences no matter where they were teaching. The lesson for integrators is that standardization is a huge selling point.

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InfoComm Brings Back Its Enterprise IT Programming in 2024

InfoComm typically generates a lot of positive responses, but one thing stood out in 2023: enterprise IT programming. Attendees loved it so much that they asked for a repeat, and InfoComm is stepping up to the plate.

This June’s InfoComm 2024 event will include a two-day AVoIP Foundations workshop. Participants can also expect a range of education sessions covering in-demand topics like network design and IoT solutions. Even better, there will be a show floor tour focused specifically on enterprise IT.

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Commercial Space Integration Gets DOD Strategy Release

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) publicized its first-ever Commercial Space Integration Strategy, which is completely unclassified. This strategy highlights four DOD priorities that govern the role commercial enterprises will play in national security activities in space.

Interestingly, the DOD seems to be moving away from working mostly with Defense Industrial Base (DIB) companies. This new policy emphasizes collaborations and integrations with commercial solutions – not just expanding government systems.

Read more (and watch the stream) here.

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