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Read on to learn about the definition of network monitoring. Network monitoring and managed services are hard to understand if you’re not from the industry. At different times, most of us have to define what we do to outsiders like our kids and parents. 

It would be fun to have some of our team members describe the definition of network monitoring as they would to their friends, family, parents, grandparents, and children.

Read on to learn our team’s network monitoring definition for their parents and children.

Simple Network monitoring definition 

Network monitoring is a process that enables you to determine whether a network is working correctly. It helps you check in on performance, whether devices are working, and whether the network is up. Many people use network monitoring software (like Domotz!) to help with the job. 

Network monitoring includes getting an inventory of everything on the network, alerts for when devices or the network goes down, dashboards, remote power management, reporting, and monitoring more complex details about devices through protocols like SNMP. 

Formal Network monitoring definition  

Network monitoring is the process of observing and analyzing the performance of a computer network, such as the Internet or a company’s internal network, using specialized software and tools. By closely monitoring the network’s activity, network administrators can quickly identify any issues related to its performance, security, and overall health.

For example:

You can use network monitoring tools to track data transfer, the number of users accessing it, and the types of connected devices.

This information can help them identify problems, such as a slow connection or a device causing network problems.

Network downtime can lead to decreased productivity, lost revenue, and diminished customer satisfaction, making it essential to ensure that the network is running smoothly and any issues are addressed promptly.

Overall, network monitoring is a critical component in maintaining computer networks’ reliability, security, and performance.

Learn more about what is network monitoring.

Network monitoring definition Wikipedia 

“Network monitoring is the use of a system that constantly monitors a computer network for slow or failing components and notifies the network administrator (via email, SMS, or other alarms) in case of outages or other trouble. All of these components are part of network management.”

Read the full network monitoring definition on Wikipedia.

Key elements

The definition of network monitoring includes many elements of managing a network. Some of the most essential items in network monitoring include: 

  • Network Inventory and Topology Mapping 
  • Network device monitoring
  • SNMP monitoring, alerts, dashboards, network performance monitoring, speed tests, bandwidth analysis
  • Remote assistance and support
  • Remote power management
  • Device management
  • Network reporting
  • Ensuring the network is up and running as it should be
  • Troubleshooting network and device problems
  • Proactively preventing network and device issues through the process of network monitoring.
  • A whole lot more

Read more about our network management features. Or check out our comprehensive guide on network monitoring. Learn more about how SNMP works.

Defining network monitoring for parents, children, friends, and family 

Although network monitoring is simple to define and understand for us in the industry. To the outside world, network monitoring can be a complex term to get your head around. It would be fun to ask some of our employees their network monitoring definition for their parents and family. We also asked our team to define what we do at Domotz to make things even more exciting. 

Violet, Senior Community Manager at Domotz

Network monitoring definition for parents

My parents are both in their 70s and have yet to learn what network monitoring or managed services are. Although, my mom sure loves TikTok. Everything within the digital realm blurs together for them since they are from different times.

I explain that many computers, devices, and other technology are now being brought to company networks. Secondly, most businesses need help managing all of this themselves. It is usually quite complicated to manage internally, so they like hiring third-party companies to do the job. These companies that manage all the technology are managed service providers (MSP). (Check out what is an MSP for more details). So what we do at Domotz is provide software for those companies that help businesses manage their technology. Our software is for network monitoring and facilitates remotely looking after all the devices and technology. 

That’s when my mum usually says, “I still have no idea what you do!”

Network monitoring definition for kids 

I tell my son to enjoy going to school because it’s a lot more fun than being at work. I just leave it at “Mummy is going to work now because that helps me to buy you toys and treats.” (My son is 3!) 

Vanya, Content Marketing Manager at Domotz

Network monitoring definition for parents

My parents, born in the 60s, grew up during the socialist years in Bulgaria (1944 – 1989). During that time, the country was heavily influenced by the Soviet Union. The government controlled most daily life, including education, healthcare, and the economy. The state was the primary employer, and private enterprise was strictly limited. The Bulgarian constitution recognized fundamental rights such as freedom of speech and religion. In reality, citizens faced censorship, surveillance, and limited personal freedoms. 

However, the government provided free education and healthcare, and housing was heavily subsidized. My parents enjoyed a strong emphasis on collective values and community spirit. The focus was on working for the common good rather than individual gain. Overall, life during the socialist years was marked by complex challenges and opportunities.

I explain to my parents that network monitoring is like government management from the socialist times, but just the good part. I say, “Domotz can control everything, from A to Z. You know everything works smoothly, and everyone can afford it.” Then my father usually mentions, “Can I listen to the Beatles during work?”

Network monitoring definition for kids

We have two kids – a boy of age four and a girl of age one. They started fighting recently since our girl started walking and touching her brother’s toys. That’s when I explain to my boy that mommy can resolve every problem. Like a network monitoring software, I can track issues before they become real problems for him and resolute them proactively. 

Giulia, Social Media Specialist at Domotz

Network monitoring definition for parents

My parents are young and usually entirely understand when I speak about technology and social media. 

When Domotz hired me, it was not easy to explain what kind of things Domotz can do and its potential, and to be honest, sometimes they continue to ask me for it.

I’ll usually start with an easy example of network monitoring. I like to use an example of a printer and ink. People always need help with the ink level of their printers. By installing Domotz, you’ll know in advance when the ink is at a critical level. Once installed, Domotz will let you know beneficial information about all the devices connected to the network and also their status. If some device stops running, Domotz will know and alert specific people, and in their case, if I’ve access to their network, I can troubleshoot the device and remotely manage it.

The big difference between other systems and Domotz is that several companies can use the software in different industries. Moreover, they can monitor extensive networks without any limits. When you have to take care of many networks for different clients, you should be able to be fast and not expansive so you can scale fast and grow.

I am always thrilled to tell my family and friends about what I do at Domotz. I always think people truly understand what I do. 

I’m usually convinced that I’ve provided a clear and concise explanation of network monitoring and what I do. 

Usually, the next question is, “You work with PCs, so could you help me with my internet connection?” 

This is not at all what I do!

To the outside world, I’ll always be the one that works all day on the Internet and nothing more. 


We hope this blog post helped you understand network monitoring and what we do at Domotz.

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