13 Geeky Tech Gadgets perfect for picky IT professionals and MSPs

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IT professionals and MSPs are not easy people to buy gifts and tech gadgets.

Why are MSPs and IT professionals challenging to buy gifts for? 

  • Maybe because they are notoriously picky, especially regarding tech 
  • Moreover, if you think it’s cool, they probably already have it.
  • Furthermore, you probably won’t impress them much with another “cool” gadget. 

Ok, so what do you buy for an IT professional?

Choosing the perfect gift for an IT professional requires understanding their work-life balance and what devices or presents can help improve it. 

So, where do you start trying to find a great idea for a holiday tech gadget?

No need to fret! We’ve already done the hard work for you and made a list of geeky tech gadgets you can gift to the IT professionals in your life. Or, you can use this list to buy for your team of IT professionals. An IT professional or MSP receiver will surely love whatever you pick from our list. 

“Brains, like hearts, go where they are appreciated.”

Robert McNamara, Fmr. American Secretary of Defense


1) NetTec Wi-Fi booster

The NetTec Wi-Fi extender boosts the signal from your existing router, so you never lose connection, have dead sport, or have slow zones. Enjoy complete Wi-Fi coverage while working from home with lightning-fast data transfer up to 300mbps. This wireless boost extender will provide high-speed Internet on every device, anywhere in your home. Quickly fix slow Internet and use your time to focus on essential tasks.

Approximate cost: $99

NetTec Wi-Fi booster for 100% Wi-Fi coverage in your home

2) FIXD OBD2 Bluetooth Car Repairing Scanner

Meet this small car repair sensor that can save your day. FIXD instantly decodes your check engine light and sends notifications about oil changes, and tire rotations directly to your phone.

You simply plug this tech gadget into the car and the sensor will translate complex issues into digestible language. This way, no matter the problem, you will know what’s wrong with your vehicle and why your dashboard light is ON. As a result, you can be more prepared, expect what could happen, make an appointment, or even fix the issue yourself.

Approximate price: $51/sensor

FIXD OBD2 Bluetooth Car Repairing Scanner

3) TruView Pro Dashcam

Do you travel a lot to reach work or to visit your customers? You need to know this incredible little dashcam to document your travels. TruView Pro Dashcam is an HD recording device that provides indisputable records of accidents, collisions, and hit cases. It saves evidence automatically while you are driving both day and night. This way, you have proof of wrongful allegations or traffic tickets. 

TruView Pro Dashcam to document your travels

Approximate price: $46

4) Elegoo Uno R3 Super Starter Kit

Elegoo Uno R3 is a high-quality starter kit based on Arduino platform to start learning electronics. It’s compatible with Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE), software, sensors, and codes. 

It’s probably one of the coolest tech gadgets to play with. On top of that, you’ll receive tons of accessories, a starter guide with more than 22 lessons, and all this with solid packaging. You’ll get an LCD module with a pin header and a 9V battery with dc.

Approximate cost: $45

Elegoo Uno R3 the coolest tech gadget ever

5) Rocketbook Smart Reusable Book

This smart reusable notebook can be the perfect gift for your employees. Rocketbook combines writing by hand and digital organization of your notes. The package includes 36 lined or dot grid notebook pages, one microfiber cloth, and one erasable pen. 

You write, scan and organize. Then, your notebook is ready to be reused.

Approximate price: $26

Rocketbook reusable book

6) Top Heat Portable Heater

Quickly heat any room using less energy with Top Heat portable heater. Top Heat offers a rapid heating system that is plug-and-play and turns any cold room into a warm and cozy environment in seconds. Most of all, it’s compact, it’s energy sufficient, and it’s super quiet when in use. 

Approximate cost: $99

Top heat portable heater


The Deebot X1 Omni by Ecovacs is a do-everything vacuum and mop robot. What’s exciting about this robot is the fact that it has a self-emptying station. Perhaps most interesting is the self-cleaning mop with its unique system to clean the floor through scrubbing. This innovative, intelligent vacuum cleaner will save you time and energy.

Approximate cost: $1500

ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 Omni vaccum and mop robot

8) Poliglu Instant Translator

This tiny device provides instant communication in another language. In other words, it’s the perfect solution for IT pros that are travelers and frequently encounter language barriers. Poligly translates languages just with a few clicks. It’s comfortable and easy to use, has a perfect sound quality, and supports over 36 languages. 

Approximate cost: $296

Poliglu instant translator for travelers

9) GoDonut Phone Holder

If you are looking for a simple and practical gift, check out the tech gadgets collection of GoDonut phone holders and accessories. GoDonut it’s a universal stand for your phone. It’s portable and versatile and has three angles to find the most comfortable position for you – at 45, 70, and 90 degrees. 

Approximate cost: $20

GoDonut phone holders

10) The Chill Pill 2.0

As IT people deal with more and more stress in their everyday life, sleep could be a struggle. As a result, many decide to take sleeping pills regularly. If you use them to fall asleep, be sure this is not the best solution for you, as they are addictive and don’t improve the quality of your sleep. In addition, they stop working after a while.

Instead, the Chill Pill tech gadget is an innovative all-natural device that is 100% drug-free, non-addictive, and intoxicating. This small device delivers pulses of low-intensity electric currents that help calm your mind down naturally. The Chill Pill helps restore balance to your brain’s neurochemicals using electrotherapy and delivering pulses of low-intensity currents to your body. That’s a mouthful! 

Chill Pill innovative way to help you sleep better

Approximate cost: $49

11) Somnox 2 Sleep Companion  science-backed sleep companion 

Somnox 2 is another tech gadget that can improve your sleep. This sleep companion a science-backed sleep device that helps you control your breading to reduce stress, lower your heart rate and calm your body and mind. It helps you fall asleep faster and sleep better. Somnox App offers a variety of sleeping exercises that you can use to relieve anxiety and stop those racing thoughts. 

Do you want to become a happy, energized sleeper? Check Somnox 2.

Somnox 2 of how to become a happy sleeper

Approximate cost: $599

12) All-company activity

There is no better time of the year to reward and recognize your employees with an all-company activity. You can buy a Mexican lunch for your team or a pizza party. You can even book a virtual pizza-making class to have fun and learn more about pizza.

13) Mindful Box

Congratulations, you’ve got a mindful box! It’s a box full of what you need for self-care at the end of a hard-working day: aromatherapy soaps, a delicious and healthy snack, and a bottle of your favorite drink.

You might want to grab one for yourself and your employees or colleagues. 

Bonus suggestion: Domotz Box

Need more ideas? Undoubtedly, a Domotz Box is always a good choice to save yourself some time.

Domotz Box as a bonus suggestion

Approximate cost: $129

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Whatever your choice, the right moment to find your new favorite tech gadgets for you and your IT friends is now. Check out the variety of ideas written above for corporate gifts for you to buy this holiday season.

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