7 Tips to Monitor Your Network While on Holiday

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As Managed Service Providers (MSPs), your commitment to delivering seamless and uninterrupted services to your clients is unwavering. However, taking a well-deserved holiday shouldn’t mean leaving your clients’ networks vulnerable to potential issues. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance to rely on a robust alerting software, especially while you’re on holiday. In addition, we’ll discuss why utilizing a robust network monitoring alerting software, such as Domotz, can be a game-changer for MSPs.

In short, you’ll find as follows:

The Challenge: How to Switch Off and Truly Relax on Holiday

Whether you’re seeking a refreshing pause or experiencing significant burnout, stepping away from your everyday routine for a while can have a remarkable impact on your overall well-being. After all, holidays are meant for relaxation!

However, the responsibility of managing clients’ networks takes a while. The challenge for MSPs lies in maintaining proactive network management and issue resolution even when physically away. Ignoring this responsibility could result in extended downtime, unhappy clients, and potentially damage your reputation.

The Solution: Network Monitoring Alerting Software

Enter network monitoring alerting systems like Domotz, designed to empower MSPs with real-time insights into the health and performance of their client’s networks. These systems serve as the watchful eyes that never rest, ensuring that you stay informed and in control, even while sipping a tropical drink on a faraway beach.

Seven tips to monitor your network while on vacation:

#1 Back up, back up, back up

Prioritize peace of mind during your holiday by proactively safeguarding your essential data, configurations, and settings. 

In the face of unforeseen challenges, a dependable backup ensures swift restoration to prior system states, mitigating downtime and averting potential data loss.

Backing up and restoring critical network infrastructure systems you manage is a key component of disaster prevention as well as your cyber security methodology. 

Don’t worry, Domotz has you covered with our extensive network configuration monitoring features designed for critical network infrastructure devices. If you use our network monitoring system, you can guarantee the secure preservation of critical information. 

Our network configuration management capabilities are easily accessible on leading firewalls, access points, and switches, allowing you to back up and restore configurations within seconds securely. We’ll help you set your automatic backups and device updates. What’s more, you’ll be able to implement procedures for configuration management on critical network infrastructure for compliance and auditing purposes. 

Domotz can further complement your backup strategy by providing insights into the status of backup devices and notifying you of any irregularities, giving you peace of mind regarding the safety of your client’s data.

Finally, you can manage the network configuration remotely from one single pane of glass. 

You can learn more from our short video about Configuration Management with Domotz.

#2 Historical Data and Reporting

Access to historical data and robust reporting capabilities is paramount to anticipate potential challenges while on vacation. 

The ability to analyze historical trends and performance data empowers you to make informed predictions about possible issues that might arise in your absence. 

By leveraging this information, you can proactively set up preventive mechanisms and automated responses to mitigate potential problems before they escalate. This foresight not only ensures the stability of the systems you manage but also enhances overall service reliability. 

You can use the network data aggregation feature as an essential tool for strategic planning before you go on holiday. Gain insights into the historical performance of networks through comprehensive data and reports. This not only aids in issue resolution but also allows you to analyze trends and proactively address potential future challenges.

Zone into past issues with device performance and solve issues quicker and with greater intelligence.

#3 Real-time Alerting Software

While on holiday, you must be sure your alerting system is available and reliable. You must be able to receive instant notifications about critical events, such as network outages or security breaches, allowing you to respond promptly and mitigate potential damage.

You can easily use Domotz to set alerts on critical network and device events you care about. There are different types of alerts. For instance, if I need to monitor a specific type of device, I’ll receive from Domotz information about device status changes (Online/Offline/Heartbeat), device IP changes, switch/firewall/wifi AP configuration changes, and/or misalignment, and any type of device sensor.

On the other side, if I want to receive information on variations on my critical network, I’ll receive information about newly discovered devices, Internet connection, and speed, ports open on the public Internet WAN side, Internet public WAN IP changes, and Custom Sensors.

Deep dive into Domotz network monitoring alerts by reading one of our blogs. 

#4 Customizable Alerting Software

While on holiday, it’s crucial to receive alerts from your network monitoring system. This ensures that you stay informed about potential issues affecting the systems you manage. By staying connected to these alerts, even during time off, you can proactively address any emerging issues, mitigating potential disruptions and maintaining the stability of the networks under your care. This proactive approach helps uphold the reliability and performance of the managed systems, ensuring a seamless experience for clients even when you are away.

What’s more, it’s important to receive alerts that you customize regarding your needs enabling you to address issues and maintain network security promptly.

Before you go on holiday, tailor alerts to match your clients’ specific criteria and priorities. Whether it’s a server issue, bandwidth spike, or offline device, you decide what warrants immediate attention.

Again, Domotz can help you here giving you full network visibility and customizable alerts.

#5 Automation for Quick Response

Optimize operational efficiency by harnessing the power of automation features that seamlessly execute predefined actions in response to alerts. Whether restarting devices or fine-tuning network settings, our advanced automation capabilities guarantee swift issue resolution, eliminating the need for manual intervention. 

Instead of just trusting automation to do its thing, boost visibility into the results by, for example, using network and OS monitoring to visualize the impacts of real and simulated security breaches before and after automation or building dashboards that offer insights into automated processes.

However, security automation is an effective way to stay on top of the problem. One of the best ways to dive into automation is to use custom scripts and drivers. Some of the most effective security automation deals with low-level stuff, like SNMP monitoring

Building on integrations tailored to your hardware and OS environments lets you deploy faster. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, and this strategy leaves you with more time to fine-tune it!

#6 Remote Troubleshooting

Security automation is a great way to avoid problems. However, sometimes; you need to interrupt your vacation and resolve issues.

In this case, the ability to troubleshoot remotely is indispensable in ensuring the efficiency and reliability of the services you provide. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to continue your vacation 🙂 

Remote troubleshooting empowers you to swiftly address issues, perform diagnostics, and implement solutions without the need for physical presence. This capability not only enhances the speed of issue resolution but also minimizes downtime for your clients, especially while you are on holiday. 

Domotz allows you to access and troubleshoot networked devices remotely facilitating troubleshooting from anywhere in the world. You can use it to identify and address issues without needing to be present physically, preserving the quality of service for your clients. For example, you can restart devices, configure settings, or perform diagnostics without being on-site.

Read more about tips to improve your remote management activity.  

#7 Client Confidence

Demonstrate your commitment to excellence by showcasing your ability to maintain network stability, even in your absence. This builds trust with clients and reinforces your reputation as a reliable MSP.

To achieve that, you can use the tips we shared above. In addition, don’t forget to use transparent communication and create the right expectations. 

You can also schedule a post-vacation review with your clients to discuss any incidents that occurred in your absence, the resolutions implemented, and strategies for continuous improvement. This demonstrates accountability and a commitment to learning from any challenges.

A Bonus Tip

Protect yourself – don’t forget your sunscreen and enjoy!


As an MSP, your holiday shouldn’t be marred by the fear of network issues going unnoticed. Embrace the power of a network monitoring alerting system like Domotz to ensure peace of mind while you’re away. The combination of real-time alerts, customizable alerting, automation, remote troubleshooting, historical data, and client confidence will not only safeguard your clients’ networks but also enhance your overall efficiency and reputation as a trusted managed service provider. So, go ahead, pack your bags, and enjoy your well-deserved holiday, knowing that Domotz has your back.

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