Top Reasons to Provide Remote Tech Support to your customers

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It’s without a doubt that all of us have spent time on the receiving end of technical phone support. The existing technical support process looks something like this.

You go to use an electronic device, but it doesn’t work. In order to get that faulty device working again, you engage in a very cumbersome troubleshooting process:

  • You try to solve the problem by Googling
  • You search forums for crowd sourced answers
  • When all else fails, you cave and call the dreaded technical support hotline
  • After waiting on hold listening to 10 tracks of elevator music, you’re finally greeted by a support technician
  • Next you explain the problem and get dictated a bunch of complicated actions to perform- which 9/10 times don’t solve the problem

In a world where there are more connected devices than people, it is surprising that this is STILL the process for troubleshooting an IT problem. From making mobile payments at the store to communicating with our friends and family via mobile devices, to the way we consume music, video and social media – there’s no denying that today most of us live digitally driven lives which are heavily reliant on technology.

That’s why technical support needs to evolve and become digitally driven too. The cumbersome IT troubleshooting process needs to see drastic improvements to better match evolving consumer lifestyles and needs.

Aside from delivering a better customer experience, here are 13 of the best reasons that hardware manufacturers, IT professionals and service providers should provide remote technical support to better match the needs and lifestyle of their customers. 

  • Solve issues in 1 click: With the latest remote network monitoring software, a faulty device can now be troubleshot remotely. There’s no longer any need to physically visit a site to solve a problem which is beneficial for both end users and service providers. There’s also no need to use the phone to get technical details from an end user to investigate an issue. Technology now enables full visibility over what is going on with a network and devices so that issues can be solved with intelligence.
  • Save money and time: Issues can be solved much faster, because all the digital and technical facts are readily available and there is no need to guess what could be wrong. Saving time means saving money too.
  • Revenue making opportunity: Remote support services also offer a compelling revenue making opportunity too. What’s more is that with the growing number of connected devices, that revenue opportunity is only going to continue to grow in the years to come.
  • Fewer site visits and phone support sessions: With remote technical support, you can solve issues from your office, home or even a beach. With remote technical support software there’s no need to get on the phone with a customer that doesn’t want to talk about complex IT issues they are not equipped to understand.
  • Stand out and be relevant to the lifestyles of your consumers: With major players announcing new remote support initiatives, remote technical support is the big digital transition waiting to happen.Your customers are already accustomed to digital services, so remote support fits well with their existing needs and lifestyle. Since most of your competitors are probably providing cumbersome phone support, remote technical support will also help your business stand out from your competition as well.
  • Proactively prevent issue: With the latest remote network monitoring software, you’ll get alerted in advance if something is not working. You no longer need to wait until your customer calls with a problem. Instead you can proactively prevent issues in real-time.
  • Give your customers tools for self help troubleshooting: By adopting the latest remote network monitoring software, you’ll be able to give your customers real insight about how they are using their network and devices; so they can save money and prevent connectivity issues in the future. In addition, some remote network monitoring software (like ours called Domotz Pro) also include features like a customer facing app which your customers can use for self help troubleshooting some of the simpler IT issues.
  • Solve complex network and device issues with real intelligence: All in all, one of the reasons you should provide remote technical support is that it will undoubtedly make your customers happier by ensuring device and network outages happen less frequently. And, if they do happen –  issues will be solved much faster than before.

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we could receive remote technical support for any device, WiFi, internet or network issue? It certainly would be. Get started with our remote network monitoring software today.

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