CES 2017 and The Future of Smart Home Integration and Setup

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The 50th anniversary was a record breaking year for CES. The scale of the event was at an all-time high, and showed the world that the tech industry is definitely the place to be right now.

The future of home integration - CES infographics

It was clear from CES that tech is no longer a specialist interest. Innovations that a few years ago were only affordable for use in large corporations are now being scaled down for the consumer at reasonable prices. The incredible potential of some of these devices to improve the health, cost of living or security of an individual on a personal level is creating the demand for more tech amongst consumers.

Does the growing demand in consumer tech indicate the end of Smart Home Integrators?

Smart home tech becoming more mainstream could seem worrying to Integrators – if the average consumer is becoming more tech savvy then they may be less likely to seek out professional help. However, CES showed us this could not be further from the case.

Tech is progressing fast and consumers are quickly desiring and then relying on the functions of new devices. However smart home tech is a competitive space, so the focus of the average consumer is more interested in what tech does, rather than how it does it. We are also living in an era where the expectations of tech is so high that consumers are getting increasingly impatient when their devices don’t work – this is where Integrators come in.

The smart home industry is predicted to see a 56% increase in revenue in 2017, the biggest projected growth within the whole tech industry. CES showed us that consumers want the advanced tech but not the installation complexity or increased maintenance that comes with it. The rising number of IoT devices are making bigger and more complex home networks, therefore actually increasing the demand for integration professionals. With smart home tech also becoming more affordable the size of the market for home automation integrators is growing.

So What Were the Home Integrators visiting the Domotz booth saying?

We were very excited to have over 500 people visit the Domotz booth during CES! We got to meet a lot of our current Dealers, but many of those visiting were Smart Home Integrators looking for a new solution to the increasing demand on their services.

The future of home integration - AV integrators

The Integrators we spoke with reflected what we were seeing at CES – their potential client base was increasing but their current way of working was creating limitations in growing their future recurring revenue. There were two main areas that they were identifying as obstacles for the future of home integration:

  • Matching rising client expectations in how quickly and effectively network issues are dealt with. As the smart home market grows so does the competition in home integration and not being able to solve your clients problems quickly could lead to a loss of business. Domotz’s network diagnostics function feature was gaining a lot of attention at CES as it immediately alerts the Integrator when a problem appears in their clients’ networks. The Domotz’ remote device access feature also gained interest as it provides Integrators with the ability to fix issues from their computer or phone, lowering the number of site visits required. These two features together allow Home Integrators a pro-active and quick approach to dealing with issues, leading to increased customer satisfaction. The speed in which these issues can be dealt with also frees up the Integrator’s time to allow for new clients.
  • Making their home integration services more affordable for the widening smart home market. If Integrators aren’t able to be bring in a more cost-effective service then they could miss out on a growing portion of their potential customer base. Affordability has always been at the center of the Domotz goal, and we’re dedicated to making affordable home integration software. The Integrators we met with were excited to see the flexibility Domotz allowed them in their own pricing to their clients, opening up their target market greatly.

Our own CES Home Integration Highlight!

It was fantastic to meet with so many Integrators and discuss the future of home integration. Domotz PRO is a product built and designed for professional smart home integrators, so it is useful for the progression of the software to speak with the people who use it. However, we were very delighted when the hard work our team has done so far paid off and we won the TechHome Mark of Excellence Award for best home technology integration product of the year!

To win such a prestigious award was a true honor for the team here at Domotz. Domotz PRO’s network monitoring and remote tech support system was only launched in a year ago, and to win an award of this scale so early on is incredible. Well done to the team who have worked so hard to continue progressing the product, and thank you to our Dealers for their ongoing feedback and support.

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Want to discuss network monitoring and remote tech support could help your home integration service?

We will next be at ISE 2017 in February, so come visit us at booth #9-B171! Or check out where we are next exhibiting on our Domotz events page. You can also contact our Team today at sales@domotz.com.

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