Smart Home Technology Integration Industry Trends

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Is it almost the end of November already? Where has all the time gone. I can’t believe that this time last year we were still beta testing the Domotz PRO remote network management software for the first time. Certainly a lot of things have changed since the early days of building Domotz.

In just a few short months on the market we’ve already shown some impressive IoT growth metrics:

– More then 10+ partnerships have been established with leading hardware manufacturers
– 1.5K Dealers have signed up for our software
– 10K homes are powered with Domotz PRO remote network management features

And we’re not stopping any time soon! We have more features, exciting partnerships, new products that can help you monetize your services that are all going to be coming out in the new year.

Network Management Resources and Learning Opportunities

– We’ve recently launched new dealer on boarding sessions where you can get one-on-one support from our technical in getting started with Domotz PRO

– We’ve also launched our Knowledge Base, which is filled with remote network management resources, assets and informative documents for getting started with client care and proactive remote support

Latest Remote Network Management Features

Violet Digital Support App: Our designers and engineers have already started working on a HUGE update for our customer facing app called Violet Digital Support. The new update to the app will ensure your customers get more relevant information about their home and that they are able to fix common issues in 1 tap.

Domotz PRO Remote Monitoring Dashboard: We’ve redesigned the Domotz Pro device list to introduce a multiple selection feature that will make your installations easier. From the device list you can now apply actions in bulk such as “Mark as Important” or “Set Alerts”.

Smart Home Technology Integration Trends
CE PRO has cited “IP Device Discovery” as one of the Top 5 Home Technology Trends & Opportunities for 2017. This is more validation that Domotz and all our Dealers are on the right track. All of us are early to the game in seizing the opportunity that network monitoring and remote tech support offer within the Smart Home industry.

About Domotz

Domotz develops disruptive remote network monitoring software for service providers, integration companies, manufacturers, and retailers. Learn more about our remote network monitoring features, low cost installation options and disruptive remote network management pricing.

Looking for volume pricing or a more customized solution for your business? Contact our Sales Team.

Want to learn how our solutions can save you money and time and help generate recurring monthly revenue? Check out our Help Center and Knowledge Base resources.

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