Customizable Violet Digital Remote Tech Support App for AV Integrators

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Meet Violet, the customer-facing Smart Home Remote Support App that’s designed specifically for Integration Companies. The App streamlines Remote Support for Smart Homes, complement remote support schemes and helps integration companies build lasting customer relationships

Domotz, the leading provider of network monitoring and remote tech support systems, today announced the official launch of its customer-facing app called Violet Digital Support. The Violet Digital Support App enables installers and IT professionals to take their customer relationships to a whole new level of service.

The app enables Domotz PRO Dealers to improve client care, increase client engagement, build recurring monthly revenue and give their customers something tangible to support monthly fees.

“Violet is an amazing tool that can revolutionize remote support schemes,” said Domenico Crapanzano, CEO & Founder of Domotz. “The Violet Digital Support app is something tangible that Domotz PRO Dealers can give to their customers and say “Here, this is for you. This is how our organization provides unmatched client care – it’s easy, nonintrusive and leverages the best available technology to ensure you have a consistently enjoyable experience.”

Support schemes are traditionally invisible which means that end users can question their value. The Violet app now provides Domotz PRO Dealers with a tangible, branded solution of their own to help them sell more managed service contracts and build greater recurring monthly revenue.

Violet Smart Home Remote Support App Features

Violet’s customer engagement and troubleshooting features are controlled by the Integration Company that’s using Domotz PRO to provide the service:

      • Customizable Interface: PRO Dealers get to add their own logo and business information to the app user interface which their customers see and access.
      • Remote Power: PRO Dealers get to choose what devices their customers can reboot. Via the Violet app users can reboot a device to try and solve a simple power issue themselves before assigning a support request.
      • Network Security: App users can see who is on their network at any time and block undesired intruders from accessing the Wi-Fi. Users can also be notified when family members and guests join or leave the network.
      • Parental Control: Children’s devices (tablets, games consoles, computers) can be blocked temporarily from accessing the internet
      • Internet Speed: Simple network diagnostics can be performed via the app. App users can see how fast their internet connection is performing.
      • Request Support: Directly via the app an app user can request support. The support request is received by the PRO Dealer in real-time including all details about the network from which the query was generated.

About Domotz

Domotz develops disruptive remote network monitoring software for service providers, integration companies, manufacturers, and retailers. Learn more about our remote network monitoring features, low cost installation options and disruptive remote network management pricing.

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