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Network Monitoring as a Service explained

This article covers everything you need about the buzzword NMaaS or Network Monitoring as a Service. 

If you’re reading the Domotz blog, you probably already know about network monitoring software. You might not so feel free to read through our article on what is network monitoring. You can also check out the benefits of network monitoring.

In a few words, network monitoring actively watches over networks and devices to ensure they run continuously, smoothly, and securely. Moreover, whis article will examine what network monitoring as a service (NMaaS) means. We’ll also consider whether you should use it in your customer offerings.

Keep reading as we explore NMaaS and Network Monitoring as a Service.

What is Network Monitoring as a Service?

Firstly, network Monitoring as a Service, or NMaaS, is a form of network monitoring. An NMaaS solution is a cloud-based service remotely monitoring network traffic to identify problems and security issues. You’ll be happy to know that Domotz is a network monitoring as a service solution.

Who is Network Monitoring as a Service for?

Many types of businesses can use network monitoring as a service solution.

  • MSPs: If you’re an MSP, you can use an NMaaS Solution for delivering network monitoring services to end customers. You operate the tool and sell services for network management to your customers.
  • IT professionals: If that’s you, IT professionals can also use an NMaaS solution for in-house network monitoring.
  • Commercial integrators: If you’re a commercial integrator, you can also use an NMaaS solution to deliver additional services to your customers. You may use a tool like Domotz for developing recurring revenue services. Read our post on ideas for commercial integrators on recurring revenue services.

NMaaS is an excellent fit for complex needs and a large network requiring extensive monitoring.

NMaaS solutions like Domotz are cloud-based and multi-tenant, which helps your business scale. 

What are the benefits of NMaaS?

Reduce start-up and maintenance costs.

NMaaS is a quick and affordable way to set up offering network management services for your customers or the networks you service. Furthermore, you’ll especially love you won’t need expensive hardware, servers on-site or maintenance costs. Additionally, a Network Monitoring as a Service tool like Domotz is affordable, and you don’t need to re-invent any wheels. Additionally, there is no comprehensive training or certifications.  

Flexible and scalable

Cloud-based NMaaS offers customizable monitoring features. As those organizations grow, their network monitoring solution can grow with them. The service can scale to as many users, devices, and networks as possible.


With a cloud-based system, there is no risk of missing updates and making your systems or networks insecure. A range of cybersecurity features is in place to help with system security.  Two-factor authentication, SSO, new device alerts, and network security scans help with security too. 

What does NMaaS offer?

Monitoring networks in the cloud with an NMaaS tool like Domotz significantly boosts your productivity, saves your customers a lot of money, and levels up the services you can offer as an MSP. Specifically, let’s look at some of the most valuable features Domotz can provide.

Proactive network monitoring

You can proactively watch over all devices and your networks. You’ll stay on top of issues, and when a problem occurs, you can solve it immediately. We also have features for customizable dashboards and multi-tenant network management

Device inventory

We can help you take inventory of your customers’ networks and devices immediately. We automatically identify and map devices, including make and model. Additionally, Domotz will continuously scan your networks to identify any new devices, which can be a security thread. Device inventory includes servers, IP cameras, routers, switches, firewalls, A/V equipment and computers, and virtual machines.

Network monitoring alerts

Managing lots of endpoints for several customers provides an overwhelming amount of data. Using our alerts function, you can always stay on top of unexpected changes to your networks and devices in real-time.

Topology mapping

Manage each customer’s network securely and effectively by understanding how their devices are connected. Our automated topology mapping shows how devices connect and automatically plots everything for you in real time.

SNMP monitoring

Using our pre-configured sensors, you can begin using SNMP monitoring for printers, UPS, NAS, and more in just a few minutes. Analyze information such as battery status, temperature, CPU usage, free memory, hard disk volume, and much more, depending on your monitoring devices. You can set up alerts and notifications for changes to your thresholds.

Network configuration management

Automatically back up and restore configurations for dozens of switches, firewalls and access points. You can schedule backups and minimize downtime if something goes wrong. Plus, get notifications if device settings change.

Security scans

Cybersecurity is a major priority for your customers. You can proactively prevent threats by running regular automatic scans of your customers’ ports and getting a notification when a new device joins the network.

Remote device access

We provide embedded Remote Connection for Web Services (HTTP, HTTPS), Remote Desktop (RDP), and Console Access (Telnet, SSH). Learn more about our remote connection features.

Remote power management

Firstly, with Domotz Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality, you can control individual ports on a managed network switch (including Cisco, Cisco Meraki, Ubiquiti, Ruckus Brocade, MikroTik, Crestron, and many more). Additionally, Domotz supports the most popular Smart Plugs and Power Distribution Units (PDUs) for simple remote power management, including APC, Aten, Belkin, Bryant, CyberPower, Digital Loggers, GUDE, Luxul, Middle Atlantic, Pakedge, Panamax / Bluebolt, SnapAV, SurgeX, TP-Link, Tripp-Lite, and more! Learn more about our remote power management features.

Customer reports

Every customer has different requirements, so using our dashboard and tools, you can provide critical details about your customer’s specific network in a report made just for them. Moreover, you can even add your company branding to the reports.

Network Monitoring as a Service – NMaaS Conclusion

To sum up, NMaaS is cloud-based network monitoring that’s suitable for organizations of any size. Moreover, it scales with companies as they grow, eliminating the need for on-premises servers and in-house IT. Additionally, with it, your customers save money by not having expensive installation and maintenance fees. Lastly, as an MSP, you can expand your offerings to customers.

Finally, unlock the benefits of network management as a service with Domotz.

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