How to choose the right RMM software for your MSP?

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MSPs and RMM go hand in hand. Does an MSP even exist without RMM software? 

Recently, we’ve seen a lot questions about how to choose the right RMM Software for your MSP business. 

The quality of the RMM software you choose will definitely impact your MSP’s performance in the eyes of your customer, so this is a huge consideration. 

MSP RMM – What to consider when choosing an RMM software for your MSP? 

Here are some of the top things to consider when choosing an MSP RMM software for your MSP. 

Free trial everything you can

Most RMM software includes a free trial. Try out as many of them as you can manage. 

To get an understanding of which players are top in the market right now, check out the Top MSP RMM Software by Software Advice. 

Observe the features of each MSP RMM tool

Document the pros and cons of each RMM software you test. Compare the software costs with the available features. Consider what the top RMM features you’re looking for are. Think about what features you may need: remote access, remote power management, network mapping software, device inventory, reporting, alerts etc.

Analyze integrations for each RMM software you trial

Will the the software include all the integrations you require to run your MSP business efficiently? Make sure you can easily connect the tools your MSP uses everyday like PSA software, ticketing software, and team communication tools like Slack.

Ensure that the RMM software you choose will work with all the devices and brands that you’ll be monitoring. 

Does the software work for the size of your business?

A tool that works for an organization with 200 employees may not be the right tool for a small MSP with just a few employees. You probably won’t have the time or power to manage the software in the same way a huge team can. 

“Lots of companies make the major mistake of looking at the tool an MSP 5x their size uses and thinks “If I use that tool, I can be 5x” but they can’t dedicate the time and end up saying the tool sucks, etc.” (xtc46, Reddit)  

Will it make your organization more efficient?

While evaluating different RMM software, consider the efficiency it would bring to your business. The biggest business cost you have is the time of your employees. Will the software you choose require big investments in employee time? Look for a software that is mostly automated, is easy to navigate, saves you time and makes your organization more efficient. 

Be weary of long-term commitments 

Be weary of RMM software that requires a long-term contract commitment with no easy way to exit. Read and understand the contract terms and how you could break-up with your RMM software if you need to. 

Whilst the free trial period can offer a good taste of what is to come – you may come across road-blocking issues down the road. Consider what would happen if you need to end your RMM software contract. 

For example; Domotz RMM software has no contract agreement and no minimum fee requirement, meaning you could end your relationship any time if things are not working out. 

Test the support team

While you are trialing any MSP RMM software, be sure to test out their support. Find out about the software’s support process and definitely ask a question or two (even a complex one at that.) 

Did you receive fast, efficient and helpful support? Due to the nature of the MSP business emergencies do happen and you’ll want to make sure that the support team for the RMM software you choose is fantastic. This can make a huge difference in the level of customer service you deliver to your client. 

Take a look at the release notes

Another great way to understand how a software is evolving is by reading through the product release notes

Are new RMM features and integrations being continuously added? Although you should not choose software based on future promises, you will definitely benefit from choosing an RMM software that is constantly evolving. 

Consider IoT features

Traditional MSP RMM software focuses on remote monitoring, management and access for PCs. At the same time, IoT RMM is a huge topic to consider as more devices are continuously added to a business network. Consider a complimentary system like Domotz for managing all connected devices and IoT systems. It will enable you to monitor and manage everything else on a network like: network infrastructure, AV equipment, security cameras and IoT systems like VoIP or unified communications. 

Ask for honest feedback from the MSP community

If you have questions or need more feedback, use places like the Reddit MSP Group r/msp and MSP focused Facebook groups to get unbiased, unfiltered feedback from MSP RMM users. 

Closing thoughts

Now that we’ve covered how to choose the right MSP RMM software for your business, don’t hesitate to try our remote network monitoring and management software for all connected devices and IoT systems – Domotz. There’s a 14 day free trial with no payment card required. No long term contract or minimum network commitments and the pricing starts at just $19/month per network for monitoring and managing an unlimited number of endpoints. Be sure to send any questions during your free trial too. 

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