Network Monitoring at the Convergence of IT/OT Operations

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In recent years IT and OT operations have started to play an increasingly important role in small and big organizations, particularly with regard to the rapid digital transformation of businesses across all industries.

With the advent of new technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Industry 4.0, the convergence of IT and OT systems has led to a significant shift in how organizations operate. As a result, it becomes strategic for businesses to manage their Information and Operational Technology effectively and efficiently.  Here is where network monitoring comes in.

What is IT/OT convergence?

When discussing IT/OT convergence, we refer to integrating information technology systems (IT) with operational technology systems (OT). IT systems focus on data-centric computing, while OT systems deal with events, processes, and physical devices.

Modern companies move in between these two worlds. On the one hand, the traditional physical world of machines, electromechanical devices, and manufacturing systems. On the other hand, the digital world of servers, storage, networking, and other devices are instrumental in running applications and processing data. After being separated for many years, these two worlds are starting to converge.

Why is network monitoring essential for IT and OT operations?

Network monitoring software is essential in this new context of old and new, digital and analogic, merging and converging in a common ground. Obviously, with the increasing complexity of IT and OT environments, network monitoring becomes crucial. It helps businesses of any size to maintain the reliability and security of their operations.

Network monitoring systems ensure that IT and OT operations run smoothly by giving you a holistic view of digital and physical signals. In fact, network monitoring helps you acquire knowledge and control over a company’s overall infrastructure. 

Managed Service Providers (MSP) and IT professionals provide their clients visibility into critical systems’ performance, security, and availability. 

How network monitoring can help IT/OT convergence

Combining information technology and operations technology empowers organizations to improve processes in various ways. 

Now let’s look at some key reasons network monitoring is valuable to improve IT/OT convergence.

Better Performance Visibility

Network monitoring tools provide better visibility into the performance of networks, applications, and devices. For example, you can easily set up network monitoring alerts with Domotz. The system will notify you when important events occur. As a result, you can quickly identify and resolve issues that may impact the performance of your operations.

Process Harmonization and Automation

IT and OT operations might come from two different worlds, but they both need high levels of efficiency as the complexity of the technology involved is increasing. So, both productivity and efficiency can be boosted by introducing automation and applying a data-driven approach made available by more knowledge and visibility of what’s on the network.

Packed with thousands of integrations, our software can serve this mission well with built-in integrated software like the documentation and data aggregation platforms IT Glue, Professional Service Automation (PSA) and ticketing systems such as Syncro or ConnectWise Manage. Check out the complete list of Domotz integrations.

Security Management

IT and OT operations have different security standards and requirements. To maintain a high level of security, there must be a solid synergy between these two environments. Network monitoring software with all the security features can allow MSPs and IT departments to detect anomalies and issues before they impact operations. 

Most of all, this proactive approach enables you to take preventive measures to mitigate potential risks. What’s more, you can improve the overall reliability and security of the IT and OT systems you manage.

In addition to providing visibility and proactively monitoring systems, network monitoring software also offers various essential features for managing IT and OT operations. 

These features include:

  • Real-time monitoring and alerts
  • Performance metrics and analysis
  • Network topology mapping
  • Historical data analysis and reporting
  • Security monitoring and analysis

To sum up, IT and OT systems traditionally operate in separate spheres. Today, however, these two worlds are often interconnected and operate together. Being able to rely on a network monitoring tool to navigate this complex environment is essential. 

What are the benefits of using network monitoring software?

Using network monitoring software for IT and OT operations offers numerous benefits for businesses. These benefits include:

  • Improved reliability and availability of critical systems
  • Proactive monitoring and issue resolution
  • Reduced downtime and increased productivity
  • Enhanced security and risk mitigation
  • Simplified management of IT and OT operations

By leveraging the benefits of network monitoring software, businesses can effectively manage their IT and OT operations, ensuring critical systems’ smooth and seamless functioning.

In conclusion, IT and OT systems are changing how organizations operate. With the increasing complexity of these systems, network monitoring systems have become essential tools for businesses to maintain the reliability and security of their operations. Network monitoring software can help businesses of all sizes by providing visibility and proactive monitoring features.

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