Windows Monitoring – Windows Server and Endpoint Monitoring

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Windows Server and Endpoint Monitoring

Learn all about our Windows Monitoring integrations. If you use Domotz, you probably know we’ve been working extensively on our Application and Cloud Monitoring integrations in the last few months. 

We now offer plenty of integrations for Monitoring Windows services and applications. Furthermore, this blog post highlights all the Windows Monitoring integrations now available on Domotz.

So with that, here are all the new Windows integrations we’ve currently got available on Domotz.

Windows Monitoring – Microsoft Services

Proactively monitor Microsoft Windows Services with Domotz network monitoring software.

What you can do: 

  • Create long-running executable applications that run in Windows sessions. 
  • Automatically restart these services when the computer boots
  • Pause/restart the services. 

These services do not show any user interface, which makes these features ideal for use on a server. Moreover, they are also helpful whenever you need long-running functionality that does not interfere with other users working on the same computer.

Learn more about our integration for Microsoft Windows Services.

Windows Active Directory Privileged Users

Proactively monitoring Windows Active Directly (AD) Privileged users and groups with Domotz. 

What you can do: 

  • Monitor the total number of privileged users in Active Directory
  • Easily monitor Windows Active Directory privileged users’ count
  • Monitor the number of privileged users in Active Directory divided by group membership

Learn more about our Windows Active Directory Privileged Users monitoring.

CPU Usage

If you’re looking for Windows Monitoring, including CPU Usage, our integration can help. 

Proactively Monitor and get Alerts on Windows CPU usage using Domotz.

Monitoring CPU usage is helpful because it indicates the processing power in percentage value that is in exhaustion for processing data and running programs. When CPU Usage is fatigued, the machine may no longer function properly. 

What you can do: 

  • Monitor Windows device processing power
  • Know when resources are in exhaustion
  • Start monitoring Windows CPU usage quickly and easily

Learn more about our CPU usage monitoring integration. 

Endpoints for Reachable Hosts

You can now monitor your Windows Endpoints for Reachable hosts using Domotz. An everyday use case for this is tracking whether a VPN connection established directly from a Windows endpoint is up and running.

What you can do: 

  • Monitor if hosts are reachable
  • Get notified of value changes
  • Monitor whether a VPN connection is up and running

Learn more about our Windows Monitoring for Endpoint Reachable hosts

Group Policies (GPOs)

If you need to monitor Windows Group Policies (GPOs), you’re lucky because our integration can do this for you. 

What you can do:

  • Check if the GPO version changes and their modification.
  • Monitor the following GPO versions:
    • AD Version (User)
    • SYSVOL Version (User)
    • AD Version (Computer)
    • SYSVOL Version (Computer)

Learn more about Windows Group Policy Monitoring

Security Events

Windows Monitoring for Security Events is another feature we cover on Domotz. This integration allows you to monitor important Windows security events.

What you can do:

Our integration lets you monitor and get alerts about the following Windows security events. 

  • 4720: A user account was created
  • 4722: A user account was enabled
  • 4731: Creation of a security-enabled local group
  • 4732: Member added to a security-enabled local group
  • 4649: Detection of a replay attack
  • 4741: Creation of a computer account
  • 4625: An account failed to log on
  • 4817: Audit settings on objects were changed
  • 4947: A change has been made to Windows Firewall exception list. A rule was modified
  • 4948: A change has been made to Windows Firewall exception list. A rule was deleted

Learn more about Windows Security Event Monitoring.

Windows Update Agent Monitoring

The Windows Update Agent (WUA) is a Windows service responsible for managing Windows Updates on Windows systems. It is responsible for downloading and installing updates and reporting the status of updates to the user. You can also configure Windows Update settings. 

Monitor your Windows update Agent to ensure it’s functioning correctly. You can watch your Windows Update Agent with Domotz.

What you can do:

  • Check the number and types of updates pending for servers and workstations.
  • Verify no critical updates are waiting for the application
  • View pending security updates and install them immediately if you need to
  • Verify no pending reboots are preventing an update and issue reboot commands directly

Learn more about Windows Update Agent Monitoring.

Custom integrations for Application & Cloud Monitoring

Our custom integrations for Windows Monitoring enable you to tailor network monitoring and visibility to your clients’ needs.

For example, using Domotz, you can create custom scripts to unlock additional data to monitor applications, devices, and cloud services. You can watch virtually anything with our custom integration scripts.

Additionally, we’re investing heavily in building custom integrations that allow you to monitor anything. In terms of custom integrations, those we have pre-built scripts for include Apache,  Docker, FreeBSD, Kubernetes, Microsoft Windows Services, MySQL, Nginx, pfSense, RabbitMQ, Redis, SSL/TLS Certificate, Website Content, Windows Active Directory Privileged Users, Windows CPU Usage, and Windows Endpoints Reachable Hosts.

Learn more about all of our application & cloud monitoring features.

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