Updates on Our COVID-19 Donation and Actions

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Another month in quarantine has passed and cities are beginning to reopen. We’re hearing from many of you, MSPs and IT Pros, that business is (slowly) starting to come back to life. We know this crisis continues to be particularly difficult for businesses around the world and we’re doing what we can to provide our support.
We have now taken the next step of our own journey and have begun the process of reopening our offices – taking great precautions to ensure our team and their families remain healthy.
In March we announced our pledge to donate 100% of the first-month subscription revenue from new Domotz agents to Pisa University Hospital through May 31st. Last week, we had the privilege of delivering that donation to the team in Pisa, knowing it will help in their recovery efforts. The funds will help provide support and emergency assistance to families who have been severely affected.
The Domotz team is moved by the compassion, resilience, and adaptability we see every day as we deal with this crisis. And as we watch our own communities take the first steps in what we know will be a long journey, it is a hopeful sign that we are moving in the right direction.

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