Manage Your Printers, NAS, and UPS Devices with Domotz

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Do you manage printers, NAS, or UPS devices? If so, this article is for you! We’re going to tell you all about what Domotz can offer to make your life easier.

This article will examine how our integrations with Printers, UPS, and NAS devices work. We’ll also explore how the SNMP pre-configured sensors by Domotz play a critical role in managing such devices.

What is a printer?

No, that’s not a joke. We know you all know what a printer is. But do you know how to manage printers effectively? There are many things to know in terms of managing printers. We’re also going to talk about remote print management and security for the hybrid workforce. 

A printer is a hardware device that receives text and graphic output from a PC and transfers this information to paper. However, printers don’t just stamp documents. They can fax, scan, and even deliver solid 3D objects.

What is NAS?

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a data storage device providing shared data access over a network. NAS devices typically have one or more hard drives connected to a network and usually don’t have a keyboard or display. You can configure and manage them using a browser-based utility. 

To put it simply, NAS devices allow multiple users or devices to access and share files and data from a central location. The key features of NAS devices include file sharing, data backup and recovery, media streaming, and remote access.

To sum up, NAS devices are easy to use, flexible, and scalable. Moreover, you can use them to collaborate and share data more effectively. 

What is UPS?

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) devices are electrical devices that provide backup power to electronic devices or systems in case of a power outage or disruption. In other words, UPS devices use batteries or other energy storage devices to provide temporary power. As a result, all devices can continue operating normally or can shut down safely.

To put it simply, UPS devices allow a computer to keep running for at least a short time when there is an interruption in incoming power.

You can use UPS devices for various applications, from small home offices to large data centers. Some common examples of UPS devices include desktop UPS, network UPS, and data centers UPS.

Overall, UPS devices provide an essential layer of protection against power outages and disruptions, helping to prevent data loss and equipment damage.

Managing Printers, NAS, and UPS devices with Domotz

If you manage printers, NAS, or UPS devices, you know your role is much more than having them work properly. Often there are unexpected complexities with these devices that can lead to problems. This is especially true when you’re managing these devices remotely. 

1) Printers

Printers are essential devices in any office or business environment. Your clients use them to produce documents and other materials. However, if you’re an MSP. Managing printers can be frustrating. Furthermore, they can cause malfunctions, paper jams, and other issues. 

With Domotz, you can monitor printer health and performance all from remote. Most importantly,  you’ll receive alerts when there are issues. Consequently, you can resolve printer issues remotely before they become real problems for your customers. Use our pre-configured SNMP sensors to automatically get information about the health of your printers. For example, check the toner cartridge levels, drum units, and supply levels.

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2) NAS

NAS devices store and share data in a network environment. Small businesses and offices often use them to store files, documents, and other crucial data. 

To integrate NAS devices with Domotz, you can use our pre-configured SNMP sensors. Our integration allows you to monitor disk space usage, CPU usage, and other vital metrics. With this information, you can ensure that your NAS devices are working correctly and have sufficient storage space to store and share data.

Domotz will help you monitor information like the number of hard disks, volumes, CPU or system temperature, available memory, and so much more. What’s more, thanks to our  pre-configured SNMP sensors, you  can group all the information you need in separate views:

NAS Basic Info Table will include CPU temperature, CPU usage, total available memory, free memory, system temperature, uptime, number of hard disks, volumes, and last error message.

NAS Hard Disks Table will give you more information about hard disks, status, capacity, info, temperature, and model.

NAS Volumes Table shows volumes, description, free size, total size, filesystem, and status.

RAID Volumes include status, usage, and available free storage. In addition, you’ll also get a graphical representation of the historical values for each sensor retrieved.

SMART DISK Status will monitor the status of the variable and the value for each disk and variable of the disk. For example, airflow temperature, command timeout, pending sector, or power cycle counts.

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3) NAS

UPS devices are critical components of any network infrastructure too. They provide backup power during a power outage or other electrical disruption. However, UPS devices can have critical issues like battery failure or overload. 

Our pre-configured SNMP sensors also allow you to monitor the status of your UPS devices. For example, you can monitor battery level, voltage, current, temperature, estimated remaining minutes, and charge level. With this information, you can ensure that UPS devices are working correctly. Moreover, you can ensure they have sufficient power to provide backup power during a power outage.

Check our full list of UPS integrations.


Our pre-configured SNMP sensors play a critical role in our integrations with printers, NAS, and UPS devices. Moreover, they allow you to monitor the status of these devices remotely. Furthermore, you can use Domotz to receive alerts when you need to resolve issues. Most of all, you can solve critical and annoying issues before your customers even notice. Now that’s a win! 

Our SNMP pre-configured sensors are ready-to-use templates that provide a standard set of metrics for monitoring devices that support SNMP. 

Furthermore, these sensors can simplify the monitoring process and provide you with a standardized set of metrics to monitor.

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