6 good reasons to add a network monitoring system to your Tech Stack

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6 reasons a network monitoring system should be in your MSP tech stack

Recently we stumbled into a question on what the real value in adopting a network monitoring system is.

This is a topic that really hit home for us. 

Isn’t it obvious? Doesn’t every MSP want to implement a network monitoring system?

Of course we see the power and value of adopting a network monitoring system every day through our users. 

But the question did get us thinking…

How can we explain the real value in adopting a network monitoring system to MSPs? 

Here are some great reasons your MSP should consider adding a network monitoring system to your Tech Stack in 2021. 

1) Solve mission critical problems

A network monitoring system can help you do very specific things as part of your work for a client. Solving mission critical problems is one of the key reasons we see MSPs and IT professionals implementing a network monitoring system. 

Examples of mission critical problems:

  • SNMP monitoring
  • Getting network maps
  • Setting up security alerts 
  • Satisfying uptime/SLA commitments
  • Critically managing certain IP devices 

You can also use a network monitoring system to critically manage certain types of devices like IP cameras, VoIP phones, POS equipment, Digital Signage or a specific piece of network equipment (like an access point) that is crucial to your customers or even required in certain contracts. 

2) Use a network monitoring system as your “work companion”

A network monitoring system can and should be your working companion. It will help you in every aspect of your day-to-day work to: 

    • Be more efficient in the management of your network
    • Understand the network whenever there are problems – so you won’t have to get into lengthy troubleshooting processes
    • Save operational time by being able to directly resolve problems
    • Avoid site visits – solve problems you discover from your office (without needing to “roll the truck”)  

3) Offer vendor agnostic support – for each and every type of hardware or device 

Multi-vendor agnostic support is another key reason to adopt a network monitoring system.  We realize that some hardware has its own cloud services, think about Cisco Meraki for example. 

But what about different cloud systems or devices that have no cloud system at all?

From our experience, MSPs need to be ready to support many different types of hardware on each network they manage. 

You have to be prepared to have some customers on Meraki (where you can manage through their cloud), some on Ubiquiti (where you can configure your own management platform on your cloud, or choose platforms like Hostifi) but you might also have some networking hardware which can’t be handled from a central point of view (e.g. Cisco SG series switches, Watchguard firewalls, Juniper, HPE/Aruba, etc). 

A network monitoring system like Domotz, enables your MSP to support remotely all types of hardware and devices, regardless of the brand or whether they support a cloud solution.  

On the other hand, think also how many times you have adopted a specific endpoint RMM which works so good with Windows machines (which is usually your primary concern), but it is quite poor (or unreliable) when it comes to MAC OS or Linux machines (which is the concern of some of your customers). In this case, a network monitoring system like Domotz can give you visibility on those systems in addition to your endpoint RMM which provides you with valuable insights on the Windows machines. 

4) Enable your MSP to offer new monitoring and management services 

More often than not, nowadays we’re seeing many MSPs leveraging network monitoring software to expand the services that they are able to offer.

A network monitoring system enables your MSP to offer more services, beyond what can be provided through an RMM. 

Just to give you a few examples, with Domotz (or any similar Remote Network Monitoring and Management solution), you can offer services such as:

  • IP camera monitoring: think about enabling your customers to be compliant with certain rules
  • NAS drive monitoring: think about the possibility to anticipate potential failures which will cost your customers $$$
  • Digital signage and Audio Video system monitoring: think about the possibility to provide your customers with reliable systems which can be monitored and managed by you remotely
  • VoIP management: think about the possibility to understand whether one of your customers has moved one VoIP phone to a different switch port, and you need to re-configure VLANs or other settings in the switch 
  • POS monitoring: think about being able to ensure that all the POS systems are working properly 
  • Security analysis: think about how many times your customers have asked how they can be sure that their network are safe, and that no rogue devices are joining their networks   
  • And much more 🙂 

5) Increase productivity and solve problems faster and more efficiently 

Adopting a network monitoring system will enable your MSP to solve problems more efficiently and much faster than ever before. 

You won’t need to have a lengthy investigation process to spot bottlenecks or issues on the network because all information is readily available at your fingertips.

In addition, a network monitoring system like Domotz, also includes remote management features like remote access. This means that you can troubleshoot and resolve problems right away from your office and you won’t need to visit the customer’s site to fix issues. 

For example use our included Embedded Remote Connection for Web Services (HTTP, HTTPS), Remote Desktop (RDP) , Console Access (Telnet, SSH) or the creation of a VPN on Demand to solve issues with devices remotely. 

Being able to solve problems faster should definitely increase client satisfaction. 

6) Bring more features to the table and stand out from the competition

One of our customer’s, MSSP CyberPrivacy Now, installs a Domotz on every job – because it enables their company to bring more features to the table without increasing prices.  

Having more features on the table than your competition is definitely a plus. 

We specifically chose an affordable monthly price for our network monitoring system ($19 a month), so you don’t have to choose which sites to install the system at. 

You can use Domotz on every single customer you manage and the software will pay for itself over and over again. 

The fourth pillar in your MSP tech stack

For many MSPs they usually look to add 3 types of software to their tech stack. 

  • Endpoint RMM
  • Documentation software 
  • Ticketing / CRM 

This is because for many contracts and existing clients managing PCs is enough and there are already many available RMMs for this.

We hope that 2021 is the year that a network monitoring system becomes the Fourth pillar in your MSP tech stack. 

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