The Future of Smart Tech Support is going to be from Remote

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The landscape for smart home technology has evolved and is creating new challenges for today’s systems integrators. Home networks continue to grow in their complexity to the extent that many now resemble those traditionally found in a small or medium sized business setting. A more complex home nowadays can host over 200 connected devices on a single network connection; many of them streaming audio, video and other content in real time. Unfortunately with more smart technology entering the average home, the more IT problems are likely to be encountered.

This is because many smart devices fail to deliver on their promise of delivering simplicity, advancement and ease of use. For example, many new smart home devices frequently fail to deliver on core functionalities and  have ongoing technical bugs that cause problems.  At the same time consumers are becoming more demanding about the technology they adopt in the home. Today’s consumers expect a home that is always functioning, devices that are always on and an internet connection that is strong and healthy at all times.
A growing number of devices, technical difficulties and demanding consumer expectations, create new complexities for today’s smart home systems integrators. To cope with these challenges, systems integrators need simple Technology Management software and tools to support their customer’ networks and devices – from remote.

New Challenges & Threats

To date, some professionals have employed monitoring and technology management systems that fail to deliver in creating a seamless smart home experience for the consumer. These systems are complex to use and remain way too expensive to see wide scale adoption. For example; many Technology Management systems on the current market can cost thousands of dollars to set up. Or they charge per device, which can be very costly and problematic for smart homes which have hundreds or even thousands of devices living on the network.

Until now, existing remote network monitoring solutions didn’t make the grade. The software was too expensive to be scalable and saw little uptake from AV integration companies. After all, how can AV integrators build scalable and profitable remote managed service schemes when the underlying technology could cost tens or even hundreds of dollars per network, per month? Fortunately for everyone that’s changing – quickly.

New Software & Opportunities

New start-ups and software companies (like Domotz) are developing new remote network monitoring software that’s packed with features for remote technical support delivery. The big difference between these systems and others on the market is that they can cost as little as a few dollars per month. These new types of software are disruptively affordable.

The dashboard is one easy access point a systems integrator can use to view all client installations. Problems can be identified easily across different installations and integrators can quickly and easily change environments to service customer technology issues.

The customizable app enables systems integrators to customize with their business information, logo and contact details. The app includes network diagnostics and smart home inventory functionalities. The integrator provides the app to their customers for smart home management and relationship building.

Domotz automatically discovers all IP devices connected on a network and creates a full inventory of all technology. Systems integrators can monitor their client networks by Android app, iPhone app or web app. The monitoring system also supports multi-VLAN and SNMP.

Via Domotz alerts can be set-up for any device event to remotely manage customer technology. Email notifications are delivered for any important device event an integrator may need to watch.

Via Domotz Pro systems integrators can remotely access any device with a web configuration panel regardless of the brand or manufacturer such as a control system, router, computer or an HDMI matrix. Remote connectivity supports the following connections: remote desktop, http, https, RDP, VNC, SSH and Telnet.

Domotz Pro includes remote power management for smart switches, SNMP support and power management functionalities. Devices that are connected to smart switches can be powered on or off directly via the Domotz apps

Ready to get started with Network Monitoring for AV Integration?

Domotz goes beyond a Traditional Technology Management System. It’s an entire Remote Network Monitoring Software on which AV integrations of of home automation, AV tech and the Internet of Things, can build and maintain an entire maintenance service. With the right IoT diagnostic or maintenance service platform, systems integrators can build a successful monthly revenue stream in providing remote tech support to customers. In addition, using Domotz to power a maintenance service, enables systems integrators to deliver greater satisfaction to customers.

About Domotz

Domotz develops disruptive remote network monitoring software for service providers, integration companies, manufacturers, and retailers. Learn more about our remote network monitoring features, low cost installation options and disruptive remote network management pricing.

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