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Many people take network management for granted. We all know it matters, but we rarely try to perfect it. This is a huge mistake, there’s a right and wrong way to do everything, and network management is the same.

But first, does everyone know what network management is?

What is Network Management?

Network management refers to operating and maintaining a computer network infrastructure. Firstly, it involves various tasks such as:

Secondly, the main goal is to ensure network availability and reliability. 

For Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT businesses, network management and network management tools are crucial. They allow companies to proactively oversee their clients’ or organizations’ networks, ensuring they function efficiently and securely. MSPs offer specialized network management services to their clients, handling tasks like configuration management, software updates, and security monitoring. 

Effective network management enables IT businesses and MSPs to minimize downtime, enhance productivity, strengthen security measures, and provide timely support, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Adjusting how you handle network management and monitoring tasks can revolutionize your work. There are plenty of actionable ways to improve. 

Domotz makes it easy to capitalize on the full spectrum.

  1. Adopt a Global Approach
  2. Put Automation to Work
  3. Stop Missing Important Details
  4. Use Virtual Private Networks on Demand
  5. Handle Configs More Intelligently
  6. Use Consumable Resources Wisely

Network oversight works best when it doesn’t leave any blind spots. We broaden the scope of your viewpoint with our topology map feature and the inventory dashboard that covers all your monitored networks. 

Remotely access network assets and search for devices in batches. You can also edit configs and copy settings between devices for enhanced productivity. It doesn’t matter whether your hardware is local or international, you never lose sight of what’s important.

Being proactive is about taking initiative, but it’s strict with manual workflows. Domotz automation and script features let you go beyond merely passive monitoring and start getting real work done.

Customize existing scripts or build your own to take action following incidents, collect critical data, or propagate configurations. Set up emergency-response plans that overcome human weak points and trigger complex actions. Customize alerts and check SSL certificates automatically for security that never sleeps. From building your intelligent dashboards to monitoring newly deployed databases, automation is the way to go.

Many monitoring tools only allow their features if you pay an extra premium. While this may be good business sense, it leaves gaping holes in your network operations. 

Domotz users can monitor all the endpoints, ensuring gapless oversight. This includes collecting historical values, using custom integrations, and working with secure remote connections. After all, shouldn’t you get what you pay for?

VPNs are awesome, but they’re only sometimes fun to use. Commercial services offer many bells and whistles, yet they can be challenging to set up and configure. This is especially true if you want to use them securely!

Domotz includes an on-demand VPN that lets you connect remotely and serve your customers better. Our web interface simplifies tasks like tunneling traffic and integrates seamlessly with your proprietary software. It’s the perfect solution for using VPNs when and where you need them without giving up complete control.

Configuration management is like fashion, every admin has their preferred style. What everyone can agree on, however, is that doing more work than you need to is a bad idea.

Domotz offers comprehensive network configuration management that keeps things uniform. You’ll be better at preventing disasters, propagating settings, and using backups when life goes according to plan. With Domotz, you can rest assured you’re implementing optimal management practices. 

It’s easy to forget about consumable resources in the IT world, at least until you get your energy bill! Domotz helps you avoid nasty surprises with a full suite of remote power management features. 

Power cycling remote devices should mean something other than a trip down to some distant server room. Enabling smart plugs should be fine without an IT admin or support ticket. With Domotz, you can monitor how much power your networks and facilities use and control consumption. There’s no better way to safeguard your budget. 

Expand Your Network Management Horizons With Domotz

One of the best ways to get more from network monitoring and management is to explore avenues you have yet to be down. For instance, setting up custom SNMP alerts may make it easier to troubleshoot problems.

Creating templates could improve the efficiency with which you deploy new networks. Monitoring external IP hosts, TCP services, IP security cameras, Wi-Fi access points, and advanced hardware from the same dashboard might boost your cybersecurity readiness.

Domotz makes it possible to implement any management strategy that suits you. In addition, you’re not bound to a single game plan, the system is robust enough to adapt to meet your needs. Today, build a better network management framework by taking Domotz for a test drive.

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