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Do you feel that sometimes you lose so much time switching between tools to understand what’s going on with the systems you manage? It’s time to automate more so you have more time to invest in meaningful tasks. The Make and Domotz integration lets you connect all the apps, tools, and services you want to automate your processes and workflows.

We’ll start with a few words about what Make is, why you should use Make and how Domotz can help you optimize your business processes.

What is Make Integromat?

Make (formerly Integromat) is a visual no-code automation tool for creating workflows. With Make, everyone can generate workflow to simplify and optimize business processes without code.

Integromat changed its name to Make at the beginning of 2022.  

If you want to start using Make Integromat, look at this tutorial for beginners.

Who uses Make?

Make is for anyone that would like to set up integrations between the programs they use. The big bonus of using Make Integromat is that you don’t need to know any code to make the software accessible to the masses. 

Make is attractive for companies of any size and industry because of the many apps the software supports.  

The benefits of using Make Inegromat

  • Optimized architecture – Thanks to numerous improvements, Make is an excellent tool for those who like to keep things simple. You can use it as a drag-and-drop builder for your workflows.
  • Ease of use and customization – Make allows you to create your own automation and use pre-defined templates. Additionally, it will enable you to create complex templates. 
  • Strong graphical component – Make turns complicated processes into visually appealing graphs. 
  • Excellent performance and scalability – Make uses Amazon Web Services cloud platform (AWS), which makes it perform well and scalable. Due to horizontal scaling, Make can rapidly boost performance for the whole platform by launching more instances. The approach to scaling results in increases in performance, throughput, stability, and product availability.
  • Strong security – Make is compliant with single sign-on (SSO), allowing you to use your user account management and authentication provider.

Make Integromat vital terms to know

Here is an overview of some of the basic terms Make uses to describe actions and processes:

  • Scenario: an automation process mapped by Make where all the apps in use apps are linked
  • Module: a step, device, service, or app in the scenario that sends or receives data
  • Operation: Make uses this term to talk about both triggers and actions
  • Trigger: a module that allows users to grab bundles that were added or updated since the last run of a scenario. Triggers are polling and instant (webhooks).
  • Action: a module that allows you to read/write bundles

How does Make Integromat work?

Make Integromat software works by creating links between your apps and tools using templates and scenarios. As a result, the templates and scenarios transfer and transform your data automatically. 

Three easy steps to start using Make Integromat:

  1. Create your Make account

Use a template or create a scenario: 

Start creating scenarios by chaining predefined modules. Some implement data manipulation logic and others implement the communication with third-party cloud services. Moreover, Make makes it easier for you to add more intricate steps to your scenarios thanks to its visual approach. Learn more about templates

  1. Connect the apps you want to automate

Select your trigger application and set the trigger. Make has a vast list of available triggers from which you can choose. 

To learn more about how the process works, visit our Help center.

What can I do with Make?

Overall Make boosts productivity across every area. Additionally, it can help you build processes you need to work better. Let’s look at examples of how you can use Make Integromat workflows to automate more processes. 

Email task automation

  • Add a new email to a Google Sheets spreadsheet 
  • Send a welcome email to new MailChimp subscribers
  • Save all email attachments to your Google Drive

E-commerce tasks automation

  • Save e-commerce orders in a Google Sheets spreadsheet
  • Add new e-commerce customers to your MailChimp lists

CRM task automation

  • Create subscribers on Mailchimp from form responders 

Organization task automation

  • Automate Calendar tasks
  • Post your Telegram messages on another channel
  • Send Slack messages for new emails

What is a Make Webhook?

A webhook is a simple way to connect your chosen apps and services. Using a webhook, you can set a trigger event that will cause the performance of an action in another app.

How to get started with our Make Integromat Monitoring Tool 

The integration between Domotz and Make gives you the power to use Domotz events as input for many external systems

On the one hand, Make allows you to create visual workflows without the complexity of coding. On the other hand, Domotz helps you monitor networks and devices in real time. 

If you’re using Domotz, you may need to process data in a custom way. As a result, you might need to create custom reports or react to network events by implementing a specific set of actions. Our Public API and Webhooks design are useful for this kind of scenario. 

However, setting up a Webhook management system is still intimidating for some of you, so we’ll try to explain better with a simple example.

Processing Webhook events with Make Integromat and Domotz

Firstly, you need to create a public web endpoint to receive reliably and securely events generated by Domotz. In other words, you need to create a scenario for webhook events. Using Make and Domotz will allow you to let the information flow from Domotz to many external systems. 

Secondly, you need to configure the alerts on the Domotz side by creating a new channel using the Webhook endpoint provided by Make and associating it with a Shared Alert

This way, Domotz and Make can be combined to create a powerful event-processing workflow. Domotz events cover your networks, from device status to performance issues. With Make, you can set up a complete processing system for those events in a few minutes. 

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