Domotz – 10 G2 Awards for Spring 2022

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We did it! This quarter, we’ve achieved 10 G2 awards from the world’s most trusted tech review platform.

With a consistently high customer satisfaction rating, we’re delighted that our customers trust us as a “Leader” in the network monitoring space.

At Domotz customer feedback is paramount and drives how we shape the future of our software. Nothing makes us more proud than happy customers that rate us as their #1 preferred network monitoring software.

Measuring customer satisfaction, market presence, and other insights, G2 reward the best businesses with trusted badges using real, verified user reviews.

Read on to discover the G2 awards we’re thrilled to have earned so far in Spring 2022.

High Performer G2 awards

1. High Performer

The first G2 award is the High Performer. Achieving this badge means we’ve consistently provided a level of service that our customers can’t get enough of!

In our business category, we’re satisfying our customers at a higher level than our competitors with our top-notch customer support and comprehensive, easy-to-use platform.

Best Meets Requirements G2 awards

2. Best Meets Requirements

To achieve the Best Meets Requirements award, we have provided everything that our customers expected from us when joining Domotz.

By ‘everything’, we’re referring to the ease of setting up the platform, the features we offer, and how we handle trickier issues that customers need extra help with. Overall, we have the highest rating in our category!

But this doesn’t just happen by mistake—we’re constantly improving our service by shaping our services to our customers’ needs.

Momentum Leader G2 awards

3. Momentum Leader

Saying ‘we shape our future using customer feedback isn’t just a fancy buzzphrase and we can prove it with our Momentum Leader G2 award!

This G2 badge is achieved when businesses focus on outstanding customer satisfaction along with constant changes and improvements over the last 12 months.

We’re proud to announce we’re in the top 25% of our category meaning our customers love the continuous improvements that make our service the best it can be.

Users Love Us G2 awards

4. Users Love Us

We’re not boasting; our customers really do love our product and service. With 4.9 out of 5 stars from over 50 reviews on G2 from verified users, we’re delighted that users are telling us what they love about Domotz the most.

One review says “The customer service is excellent.

I can’t recommend the product highly enough for both the enthusiast and for professional use”, while another reports that “Domotz has saved us tons of money over our previous network monitoring solution!”.

We also have a common complaint among our users—that they didn’t find us sooner!

Easiest to use

5. Easiest To Use

We know collating large volumes of data can be confusing with the wrong platform. Among the network monitoring space, Domotz scored the best in the ease of use, ease of admin, and ease of setup areas. We’re proud to make network monitoring easier for businesses of all sizes, and our users agree!

That’s why we’ve achieved the Easiest To Use badge.

Users most likely to reccomend

6. Users Most Likely To Recommend

When our users leave us a review on G2, they’re asked how likely they’d be to recommend Domotz to other people that need a network monitoring solution. The proof is in the badge we earned the highest rating in our category!

Users don’t just love using our platform and features, but they tell others about it, too. It means we can keep doing what we do best, providing exceptional product support to more businesses.

Easiest to do business with

7. Easiest To Do Business With

We strive to make network monitoring a breeze. When G2 awarded us with our Easiest To Do Business With badge, they analyzed a few areas first, including the quality of our customer support, how likely users were to recommend us, and how easy we were to do business with.

We’re thrilled to be one of the highest-rated businesses in this area in our category!

Best estimated ROI

8. Best Estimated ROI

The network monitoring features we provide on the Domotz platform scored the best rating in our category for Best Estimated ROI. This is great news for businesses, as it means we helped them get up and running with the platform, and achieve ROI, quickly and easily.

Best support

9. Best Support

With lightning-fast responses to our customers with the answers they need and a vast knowledge base, we’ve earned the Best Support badge from G2. When our users have needed us, we’ve been there and exceeded their expectations.


10. Leader

Last but not least, we’re over the moon to announce that we’ve achieved the coveted Leader badge in Spring 2022. Leaders achieve this award by consistently outperforming in every area such as ROI, relationships, and usability. We did it!

We’re leaders in network monitoring. Curious about how our powerful monitoring tools can help your MSP business or IT team? Check out our features.

In conclusion, Domotz has been named a “High Performer” in the network monitoring category, as demonstrated by all these G2 awards obtained.

Our high performance is based on top ratings for our quality of support, ease of use, powerful features and simple set-up.

Discover why thousands of MSPs and IT Pros are choosing Domotz for network inventory, monitoring and management. Read more content on our blog!

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