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Run speed tests for improved WiFi network health analysis

Your clients want the fastest download speeds and seamless wifi connections. Whether they are binging Netflix shows at home, their business depends on consistent wifi speeds, or have IoT devices consuming the bandwidth, you can use Domotz to run easy and fast network speed tests and view historical network health metrics.

New Network Speedtest with Netflix and

We’re partnering with Netflix, the makers of for an integration that uses the web service to measure network bandwidth performance. Now when you run a speed test using Domotz, you can select Netflix Servers or M-Lab. Using the service, perform automatic and manual bandwidth tests (Speed Tests), as an alternative to the M-LAB based tests.

As a result, users can now select the most appropriate methodology based on ISP provider and the technology in place. The Network Speed Test is the default methodology for any new installed Agents.

So whether you are testing xfinity wifi speed, Spectrum wifi speed, AT&T network speed analysis, or a different broadband internet test, you can do it all with Domotz.

Improve your customer support and increase wifi speeds for your clients with a Domotz and network speed test. And while you’re waiting a second for your speed test to run, check out these surprising WiFi facts to impress your friends and coworkers.

Are you’re looking for more specific device connection data? We’ve got you covered with Device Response Time Monitoring that reveals round trip delay and packet loss statistics.

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