Domotz Public (RESTful) API Now Available for users

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The Domotz Pro Public API (RESTful) provides developers an accessible and comprehensive way to integrate third-party applications with the Domotz Pro solution. Any user has 100 available API calls per day to retrieve the list of configured Domotz Agents or other useful information related to the account. Moreover, each Agent set under the Advanced Plan allows for an additional 500 API calls per day. Each Agent configured under the Premium Plan provides for an additional 5,000 API calls per day.

Each Domotz main account can configure an API-Key to have quick access to the data related to its Agents. Domotz will continue to test and enrich the data available through the Domotz Pro Public API.  Some of the current benefits of using our API include the following:

  • Asset Management: Use The Domotz Public API to build your asset management tool.  In an instant, you can retrieve the enriched list of all the dives online or offline in any network you monitor and manage.
  • Customized Reports: Create your customized reports for your customers.  Schedule the creation of your reports at any time to meet the needs of your clients or employees.
  • Custom Dashboard: Build your custom dashboard to show the status of all the devices monitored. Enrich it with your data to provide a truly customized and unique experience for your end customers.

If you are interested in receiving additional information and test the usage of the Public API through an API-Key, don’t hesitate to contact  You can also learn more by going to

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