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Check out our June 2023 Town Hall event to learn about the latest developments of our software. Watch the June 2023 town hall on our YouTube channel! 

Below is a recap of what our CTO, Giancarlo Fanelli, and CPO, JB Fowler, revealed about where Domotz is heading and how to master our network monitoring software.

Custom Filters and Dynamic Monitoring

The first Domotz news involves its custom filtering capabilities. While easy customization has always been a cornerstone of the product, the team recently made strides in unlocking old limitations.

Thanks to the new database and infrastructural improvements, you can now filter up to 3,000 devices simultaneously, a huge jump from the old 300. You’ve also got more options for working with filters, such as saving a filter created through an impromptu search.

Another cool feature is that the filtering improvements allow dynamic monitoring. Say you create a filter for a custom device or parameter, like the newly added uptime statistic. If you build a monitoring view based on that filter, the dashboard will update as network conditions change, intelligently organizing the information to reflect the current network state. This saves you the time and effort you previously had to spend configuring tables and making adjustments.

Monitoring and Scripts Improvements

Our Developer team has noticed that more customers rely on their networked devices for critical infrastructural needs, and those networks are increasingly diverse. Domotz OS monitoring simplifies acquiring a holistic view of networks running mixed hardware and software. As JB and Giancarlo explained, the point is to increase visibility as much as possible.

Network Device / Infrastructure Improvements

Domotz devs have also been hard at work, giving you the power to do more with variables. Where you once had to resort to comparing version numbers and other stats manually, you can now use programmatic variables to trigger alerts that are more responsive to changes.

Ergonomic improvements were a big theme for this round of upgrades. By refining the backup infrastructure, Domotz’s engineers have increased the size of the configuration files you can work with while reducing workflow lag. This makes it possible to handle more complex configurations with less hassle.

Regarding workflow enhancements, another Domotz news is about expanding its user configuration possibilities to support a broader range of management styles. No more relying on a single person to satisfy the primary admin role — now you can delegate work intelligently based on your organizational team structure.

SNMP Templates and Custom Scripts

This is a huge improvement. Domotz has been migrating to more powerful SNMP templates and JavaScript-based scripts that empower users to customize their governance practices. Instead of filtering through data, you’re not interested in, you can focus exclusively on the factors that matter most — which is ideal for specialized use cases like monitoring vehicle fleets and IoT setups.

The key to this power lies in standardized protocols like SNMP.

What’s Next for Domotz

Lastly, JB and Giancarlo shared a taste of the secret sauce — excerpts from the Domotz product development roadmap. In the future, you can expect improved perks like access to custom scripts within the user interface and simplified deployment.

Domotz also plans to focus on building the community. In true open-source spirit, we hope to make it simpler for you to benefit from your peers’ knowledge and expertise.

This was just a quick peek at some of what’s new in Domotz, so subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch the entire town hall!

Want to stay updated on a more regular basis? Bookmark our release notes to keep up with the latest news as soon as it develops.

You can also email our support team with account questions or feedback anytime. We always love hearing what you have to say!

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