Domotz at ConnectWise IT Nation Evolve Q3 2023

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ConnectWise’s IT Nation Evolve is one of the most important events for IT people! For those who want to know more about it, it’s a popular three-day session promoting IT networking every quarter.

This year we are excited to be one of the sponsors of Certified Integrator for the Q3 2023 IT Nation Evolve. Our team is looking forward to sharing unique information at the forefront, and we know who is the best person to do it: JB Fowler, our Chief Product Officer.

With decades of experience in the audio-visual (AV) and managed service provider (MSP) spaces, JB helps us deliver customer-facing integrations our users love. This makes him the best candidate for sharing lessons that often get overlooked in the day-to-day of running an MSP.

JB was joined by ConnectWise moderator Sean Lardo and Kimberly Simon, Vice President of Partnerships and Alliances, at ControlCase.

Here’s a quick recap of what the three had to say.

Introducing IT Nation Evolve Q3

Sean kicked off by introducing the guests and the Evolve event. If you have not heard, this gathering is about peer groups. Meetups happen around the U.S. and virtually, and they host representatives from some of the most successful service providers in the business.

In addition to meetups geared toward helping leaders build vital communities, Evolve includes multiple charity events. Sean’s introduction to this team spirit attitude made a great segue into one of JB’s big motivating factors over the last 20 years — his passion for user satisfaction.

Putting Customers First

JB said he got into this field because he enjoyed learning about users’ needs. Understanding how to serve the market best has proven essential no matter what industry he’s been involved in. But this isn’t always an easy task.

For Domotz, the main challenge involves understanding how to empower others. As a monitoring and management software, the goal is to help companies identify and understand alternate paths to sustainable revenue generation. This means comprehensively viewing assets, configuration files, network management, and countless other behind-the-scenes factors.

Empowering Service Providers

While discussing how to empower Service Providers, JB assumes that helping companies cut costs is one of the most rewarding aspects of fulfilling his mission. Generating revenue is just the beginning, increasing efficiency is equally important.

Providing cybersecurity assessment services is another important and complementary aspect of the marketplace. True, enterprises like ControlCase can identify gaps and certify clients. But the heavy lifting is up to the MSP itself.

JB gives the example of how Domotz publishes guides and whitepapers that teach users how to master specific auditing and compliance frameworks. By breaking things down into digestible chunks, this education-oriented approach improves the odds that MSPs will succeed at implementing appropriate network controls.

Kimberly and JB agreed that these concepts aligned with Evolve’s point, the idea of bringing peers together and giving back to the community.

Both objectives revolve around communication.

Fostering group feedback furthers understanding of what your clients need, and this enhanced knowledge makes it possible to give back in ways that resonate. Listening to users also improves how companies like ControlCase and Domotz guide their organizational evolutions: It’s easier to modify your product and mission intelligently when you can build on firsthand insights about what works and what doesn’t.

How to Enable Value

Part of the idea behind how IT leaders like JB work is to help MSPs derive value from Domotz. It’s not about selling a product that companies can resell but rather increasing their awareness. As JB mentioned, Microsoft recently shared that billions of IoT devices will be in play by 2025. In short, MSPs will inevitably miss things here and there, so they need tools that broaden their perspectives. 

Network monitoring itself demands a whole-picture, contextualized outlook. For instance, MSPs need to oversee entire infrastructures, not just individual devices, and it’s vital to be aware of the distinct needs and concerns organizations have depending on their level of maturity. With tools like Domotz, companies can approach intelligence comprehensively, aggregating logs and traces from multiple sources to boost manageability.

As JB summed up, knowledge acquisition is the first step in achieving these ideals. Learning what you need to improve and how to improve it is essential to implementing positive changes. Why not get the ball rolling for your MSP? Take the ConnectWise Modes Assessment online. Or talk to Domotz to discover how we can help you build business value.

Curious? Watch the full video!

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