Domotz News from Q2 (April to June) 2023

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We continue with our momentum from Q1 in bringing you exciting new changes and improvements! Here’s our Domotz news from Q2 2023, which includes everything from brand-new integrations and features to improvements.

We’ve got news in the following three categories:

  1. New features
  2. Integrations
  3. Improvements

New Features

Domotz Custom Filters

The first thing to mention for the Domotz news of this quarter is that we have new custom filters to display the data you need quickly. Moreover, you can also manage it easier too. In the ‘Sites and Devices tabs’ in the inventory dashboard, use the filters to define the data you want to see and save it as a custom filter. Like that, your filter is ready, and you won’t need to manually every time!

Any device matching your set conditions automatically adds to the filter list. We hope this saves you a lot of time and effort!

Windows systems monitoring

For the most efficient monitoring possible, monitor multiple Windows devices simultaneously with OS monitoring. That is to say, rely on our Windows systems monitoring to save time and avoid configuration errors that come with logging into each device individually with separate details.

Lock agent web interface

Security is always a priority. Improve your client’s network security by disabling/locking the local Agent Web Interface. As a result, you’ll lock out other users from accessing the information on the same network.

You’ll need to navigate to the ‘agent and customer configuration’ settings to toggle this on or off. Simple!

WatchGuard pre-configured SNMP sensors

We have a new set of pre-configured SNMP sensor templates for WatchGuard devices. Use them to extract all kinds of information, such as:

  • Firewalls software version
  • CPU usage
  • Available memory
  • Cluster Information
  • Policies Information

Simply add this data to a monitoring table. You’ll even be able to visualize the data in graph format.


Microsoft Windows service monitoring

Monitor Windows services on any Windows server or workstation with our new customer driver.

Leverage the PowerShell command Get-Service to monitor:

  • Microsoft Windows services
  • Service status
  • Start type

Crestron DM-NVX device monitoring

If your clients use Crestron devices for high-quality video encoding, it’s vital to proactively monitor them. 

You can now integrate these with Domotz to:

  • Check the configuration
  • Track documentation properties
  • Monitor streams
  • Check device modes
  • And many more

Control4 Zigbee device monitoring

Now, you can monitor your clients’ Control4 Zigbee devices, no matter what automated tasks they’re using them for. 

You’ll be able to track the following:

  • ID
  • Status
  • Version
  • Last Contact
  • And much more

Halo PSA ticketing systems

To simplify your job as an MSP, we’ve got an update for our  Halo PSA integration for simpler ticketing. Automatically send all device assets on your networks to Halo PSA. Tickets will update in real-time; if anything happens, Halo PSA will create a ticket for you. Every piece of data you need to handle the error or configuration change is included in the ticket so your team can immediately take action.

Sony AVR device monitoring

Regardless of which Sony AV devices your clients use, our new integration means you can easily monitor these systems. 

Some of the key features of this integration include:

  • Automatically recognize all Sony devices on a network
  • Remote display control to check power status and reboot
  • Control power and firmware upgrades


Sensor alerts

We’ve been working on making our sensor alerts more intuitive. To clarify,  you can set specific conditions to receive notifications when a value changes. We now have to alert for SNMP, OS sensors, and custom integrations.

Display uptime information

Assess and monitor devices over time with reliable data. These data are available for all devices. You can now display uptime statistics for all devices across 24-hour, 7-day, and 1-month timeframes.

Updated Ubiquiti/UniFi controller integration

For a better user experience, our Ubiquiti/UniFi integration has seen improvements. With our integration updates,  you can remotely manage software reboots, view performance stats for each SSID, analyze traffic, and map networks automatically.

New pre-configured SNMP sensors

Our pre-configured  SNMP sensors now include iDRAC and Sophos Firewall. Moreover, these new additions allow you to monitor and manage even more devices on your client’s networks.

For iDRAC, you can monitor general properties such as power state unit status, system status, and iDRAC version. On the other hand, the components status monitoring dives deeper into each component of the system to track the following:

  • Temperature status
  • Processor status
  • Memory status
  • Voltage status

Similarly, we’ve built pre-configured SNMP sensor templates for Sophos firewalls. They include as follows: 

General Monitoring:

  • Appliance key
  • Device model
  • Firmware version
  • Snort version
  • Webcat version
  • Memory usage
  • Disk usage

Firewall Uptime:

  • System uptime

Firewall Policies:  

  • Policy name
  • Connection name
  • Connection type
  • Active tunnel count

Summary of Domotz news Q2 2023

And that’s a wrap! Here’s a summary of Domotz news from April through June 2023:

  • New  custom filters
  • New Windows system and services monitoring
  • Lock for Agent Web interface
  • SNMP sensors for WatchGuard, iDRAC, and Sophos firewalls
  • Device monitoring for Crestron, Sony AV, and Control4 Zigbee
  • Integration with Halo PSA
  • Updates to our Ubiquiti/UniFi controller integration
  • Better sensor alerts and uptime info display

Do you want to know more about our latest releases? The Domotz news from Q1 article is ready for you!

Have any feedback or suggestions? Get in touch to let us know! Contact our Support Team

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