Domotz News from Q1 (January – March) 2023

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It’s been a productive start to the year, and we’ve got lots of new and exciting features and improvements to share! This article summarizes all the Domotz news related to features, integrations, and updates in Q1 2023. We’re always listening to your feedback and feature requests. Thanks for helping us be the best network monitoring and management solution!

From better alert management to new templates and integrations, read on to find out what we’ve been up to.

In order to explain everything in a better way, we’ve broken down our latest news into three categories:

  1. New features
  2. Integrations
  3. Improvements

Let’s dive in!

1. Domotz Updates – Features

Use fewer sensors with Domotz’s new SNMP template

The first Domotz news from Q1 2023 saw the introduction of a new SNMP template for network interfaces called ‘Network Traffic’. Firstly, this means you can use the network traffic sensor to monitor only dynamic traffic-related data. Using this new sensor allows you to watch the sensors you care about.

The result is a reduced number of sensors consumed on each Managed Switch. You can monitor the 8 sensors you care about most, for instance:

  • Traffic
  • Errors
  • Discarded packets
  • Operational Status
  • Negotiated Speed

Don’t worry! We added a specific sensor to monitor network traffic in addition to extended network traffic. The feature named ‘Network Traffic (Extended) is still available.

At the same time, it’s important to mention that if you are interested only in monitoring and managing data without setting specific alerts on variables, you can use, as always, the native interface tab focuses on devices.

Monitor the Microsoft Windows Update Agent (WUA)

You can now monitor Windows Update Agent (WUA) on Windows systems and receive critical notifications about updates and security.

With this improvement, you will be able to:

  • Check for updates
  • See the number and type of updates needed
  • Check for pending updates that require a restart
  • Restart the systems remotely

More advanced alerts and an improved interface

We’ve overhauled our alerts to offer an even more powerful and better interface to help you stay proactive.

Basically, you can set up alerts for:

  • Pre-configured SNMP sensors
  • OS sensors
  • Custom Integrations

From here, you can create alert profiles that you can assign to different variables across sites, which include the metrics you want to monitor and when to receive alerts based on a set of conditions.

Easily monitor external hosts

At least we improved our capabilities even if some services can’t be monitored using the ICMP (Ping) service. You can now use available services to monitor them instead, such as an HTTP/HTTPS Web Server on port 80 or port 443.

2. Domotz Updates – Integrations

Network management for Cisco CBS devices

Be ready to configure and manage your Cisco CBS network switches through Domotz. Using our integration, you can:

  • Backup & Restore Cisco CBS device configuration files
  • Receive notifications of any configuration changes

Keeping track of your network infrastructure has never been easier.

Monitor and Manage Crestron Touch Screens

For businesses with Creston touch screens, you can now remotely monitor and control their configuration through the Domotz dashboard.

You can track and control several information, for example:

  • CPU, SATA, and PMIC temperature
  • Screen configuration
  • Errors and malfunctions
  • Reboot the device if needed

Monitor RabbitMQ clusters and nodes with Domotz

If your clients use RabbitMQ to handle communication between applications, servers, and devices, you can also monitor its performance through Domotz to keep things running smoothly.

Our custom integration allows you to track the following:

  • Configuration of nodes and clusters
  • Connections and messages
  • Parameters and performance

Simplify Domotz data with integration

Basically, if you’re looking for a simpler way to process Domotz data, then we partnered with (formerly Integromat). This integration will help you build and automate your workflows. Usually, you’d have to process WebHook events on your own server. Now, uses a no-code system to do it for you.

Using a drag-and-drop system, you are free to:

  • Monitor data in real-time
  • Manage Domotz events
  • Visually build and control complex workflows

3. Domotz Improvements

Connect to Cisco Meraki Cloud

Using Cisco Meraki devices? We make our integration easier to enable you to connect Domotz to the cloud. With it, monitor additional information such as:

  • Device name
  • Firmware version
  • Power control

You’ll just need a Meraki API key and organization name.

Domotz new network interfaces for switches

Easily to navigate, our interface is now improved when you’re viewing ports. They’re now ordered with virtual interfaces at the bottom of the list. In addition, even if devices are attached, they’ll retain their natural names at the top of the screen.

Close tickets for ConnectWise Manage automatically

To save your team time, we’ve improved the ConnectWise integration with Domotz. When certain actions happen, you can choose to have ConnectWise tickets automatically resolve and choose a specific status for each site. This will override the default setting.

Actions that trigger tickets to close include, for example:

  • TCP Events
  • Triggers on multiple Sensors
  • When a device goes up
  • When an agent network goes up

With this improvement, you won’t need to switch between platforms, saving your team time.

Summary of the Domotz news from Q1 2023 features, integrations, and updates 

Here is a full recap of the features, integrations, and updates available on Domotz from Q1 2023. 

  • A new SNMP template to use fewer sensors is now available
  • Options to monitor Windows Update Agent, Cisco CBS devices, Creston touch screens, and RabbitMQ clusters and nodes are here
  • Integration with for no-code data processing
  • The alerts interface is now better 
  • Improvements to Cisco connectivity with Meraki cloud access
  • A better way to monitor external hosts
  • Auto-closing and ticket remediation for ConnectWise

Thanks again for your feedback, suggestions, and support! With your help, we continue to improve Domotz to meet your needs better. 

If you’d like to see any features, integrations, or updates on Domotz, you can always give us a shout at

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