The Domotz Interface has gotten a refresh

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Monitor and Manage your networks, sites, and customers more intuitively with the new Domotz Interface

Drum, roll, please! Exciting news has landed today at Domotz. Today we’ve launched our refreshed Domotz interface that makes it more accessible, more intuitive, and user-friendly to monitor and manage your customer networks. 

 These updates are all aimed at taking your network monitoring experience to the next level. 

In terms of the re-design, we’ve focused on designing more intuitive navigation that makes it easier to monitor and manage networks, and proactively identify issues before they occur. Additionally, we highlight your networks with security issues and with critical numbers of devices offline. The result is that you know exactly what networks to look at when you log in to Domotz. 

The Domotz Experience you love, but better monitoring and management

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect to see on our refreshed Domotz interface.

A better design

You asked, we did it! We’ve created a new look and feel on Domotz with improved navigation that enables you to monitor your networks with greater ease. 

A new homepage

When you log in, now you’ll land on the new Manage section, the heart of your Domotz experience. Here you’ll find your site map and can perform your key actions. In the new Monitor, you’ll see your dashboards and all your key performance indicators. 

New network configuration details

Important network configuration details are now available and more visible such as VLAN, private subnets, and external host information.

Highlighting networks that need your help

Firstly, we now make it really easy to see and find networks that need your attention. Secondly, you can easily see and filter for sites that have security issues or a high number of important devices offline.

Highlighting features you haven’t unlocked

We now draw attention to your devices that have features that you can unlock. Furthermore, we highlight when OS monitoring, SNMP management, and network configuration management features are available to configure. 

Improving how you monitor and manage networks

“In recent months, we’ve been focusing extensively on the improvement of our UI, along with a strong rhythm in releasing new features,” said Silvio Di Crosta, CEO of Domotz. “We are driven by the needs of our users and we aim to continuously improve our software to increase visibility and control of complex IT Networks through better navigation, usability, and ergonomics.”  

We’ve been working extensively to improve your monitoring experience on Domotz and we’ve really ramped this up in the last year. Furthermore, each month we release new features and integrations. Moreover, the new UI joins a host of other features we’ve recently added to Domotz including pre-configured SNMP sensors, custom monitoring dashboards, new integrations for network configuration management, and the ability to apply device and network settings in bulk.  

Try the new UI today, by logging into Domotz or starting a free trial

Domotz is an award-winning network monitoring software that increases productivity, security, and remote troubleshooting capabilities. It’s packed with cutting-edge network management features for remote support and thousands of integrations. Over 4,000 customers use Domotz every day to provide remote monitoring services.

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