Powered By Domotz Program for IT Professionals Launches

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Domotz, a leading provider of remote monitoring and management systems, today announced Powered by Domotz™, a new partner program for manufacturers and managed service providers. The Powered by Domotz program is one of several enhancements to the Domotz business model the company is announcing in conjunction with the upcoming CEDIA Expo in an effort to simplify and improve upon the overall Domotz experience.

As part of this program, Domotz also announced that it will no longer sell hardware directly. Instead, OEM partners and managed service providers will offer their own branded Domotz agents through their established distribution channels and direct sales programs. This gives pro-installers a variety of vendors from which to obtain Domotz functionality and support, while enabling OEM partners to offer bundles and better integration with their own products.

“As we explored ways to better serve the pro-installer community, it just made sense to work more closely with manufacturers and managed service providers to make Domotz agents more accessible,” said Clark Roundy, CEO of Domotz. “Most pro-installers have their vendor preferences and the Powered by Domotz program gives them the flexibility to work with their preferred supplier.”

Professional installers can now purchase Powered by Domotz hardware wherever OEM partner products are sold, while also obtaining product support directly from their supplier of choice.

Availability and Launch
Powered by Domotz hardware is now available from Luxul and is expected to be available from FIREFX and TRENDnet in September. It will also be available from managed service providers Axius and Krika. Additional partners will be announced soon. For more details, visit Domotz at CEDIA Expo in booth #2813; FIREFX in booth #3153; Luxul in booth #5100; TRENDnet in booth #3848; Krika in booth #2115; or Axius in booth #5839.


Founded in 2014, the Domotz Group consists of:

  • Domotz Inc, its remote network management arm, maker of Domotz Pro™, the award-winning monitoring and tech support system for integration companies, IT professionals and hardware manufacturers.
  • Fing, the world’s #1 network scanner for iOS and Android with over 20 million downloads.
  • Domotz Insurtech, a technology solution provider for insurance companies in the smart home and the connected office space.

The Group’s flagship Domotz Pro solution is powering client care in 90+ countries and is used by leading integration companies such as Magnolia at Best Buy.  Domotz Pro recently won the Consumer Technology Association’s TechHome Mark of Excellence for Installation/Technology Management Product of the year in 2017. A rapidly growing player in the smart home space, Domotz has established partnerships with a number of leading hardware manufacturers, service providers, and integration companies.

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