Digital Asset Management for MSPs with Hudu and Domotz

Digital Asset Management Tracking
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Hudu documentation software to organize and enhance your IT environments now integrates with Domotz network monitoring system 

We’re excited to share that Hudu documentation software now integrates with the Domotz network monitoring system. 

This integration is great news for MSPs because it enables you to digitally track assets and information on the network – without needing to input device details manually. Save time documenting networks by using Domotz and Hudu together. 

How Domotz and Hudu Digital Asset Management tracking for MSPs works 

  • Domotz network monitoring software analyzes the network and identifies and captures device details including: make and model, mac address, location, zone, software version, IP addresses, and more.
  • A full inventory of the network is provided by Domotz and sent to Hudu
  • Assets identified by Domotz are documented into specific categories on Hudu 
  • Once assets are identified and analyzed by Domotz you can use Hudu to store passwords and upload documents, pictures and PDFs so that all information about each device is documented 
  • All important information about devices is at your fingertips for faster and more efficient network management and troubleshooting 

Benefits of Domotz and Hudu Digital Asset Management tracking for MSPs 

  • Save time: No need to manually input device details to document a new network 
  • Do not miss anything: No room for human error or oversight of devices – Domotz will digitally identify and capture everything so you have everything at your fingertips for IT documentation management with Hudu  

Get started with Digital Asset Management Tracking with Domotz and Hudu

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