CEDIA News: Network Monitoring at CEDIA 2022  

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News from the 2022 CEDIA show about Network Monitoring

CEDIA news about Domotz from the 2022 show! 

With live conferences in full swing, we had the privilege of attending CEDIA 2022 in September in Dallas, Texas

It was a great show for meeting new customers and checking in on all of our partners in the integration sector. Furthermore, it was interesting and exciting to have so many of our partners showing Domotz instances on their booths. There was also an echo of excitement around remote monitoring in the integration sector. All integrators need a proper network monitoring tool, and in many cases, Domotz is the recommended tool of choice. 

Here are some of our top CEDIA news from the 2022 expo. 

CEDIA News about our partners


Cookoo, spot the Domotz box? NETGEAR showcased the power of using Domotz for remote monitoring and management. Additionally, they demonstrated the enhanced feature set available on Domotz for NETGEAR devices. 

CEDIA news. This image show Domotz network monitoring hardware box on the NETGEAR booth during CEDIA 2022.
Spot the Domotz box on the NETGEAR booth?

In case you missed the news, we have new features available for NETGEAR products that are very advanced.

Advanced features on Domotz for NETGEAR products include: 

  • We now include automated switch port mapping features, power management via PoE, bandwidth graphs, and information on errors and packet discards for Managed Switches. Additionally, network configuration management features are now available, including backup and restoration of configuration files, alerts on configuration changes that help with network security, and the ability to compare and quickly roll back to previous configuration versions.
  • Insight-based wireless access points: retrieve detailed information on the device, like firmware version and serial number, and perform software reboot. Additional available info is System Information, Network Information (WAP Configuration), Radio Properties, and much more.
  • Orbi Pro routers and mesh systems are now available for detailed information and analytics. This new information includes the device, system, and network information, radio properties, controller and reboot details, client connections, and wireless LAN properties.

Learn all about the Domotz and NETGEAR integration


It was great to see Sony AV at the event, and we were pleased to see them highlighting the powerful new features Domotz offers for these devices. 

Sony AV integrators can now get fast and reliable remote access to devices through Domotz. Features for Sony AV include:

  • Automated Device Recognition
  • Display Control
  • AVR Integrations

Learn more about the Domotz and Sony AV integration


Domotz technology was live on the ADI booth too. They were showcasing our software as the power behind their remote monitoring service. 

CEDIA News, this image shows the ADI capture remote monitoring service powered by Domotz.


We always love stopping by our partner, Crestron. Crestron shared how integrators in residential and commercial integration spaces need a proper, advanced, reliable network monitoring solution.

Learn more about the Domotz and Crestron integration.


During the show, MetraAV released their new Big Dog PDU. Furthermore, the new Big Dog PDU has a robust new feature set.  We’re also really excited about these features and plan to create drivers for this product. Stay tuned and watch this space. 

Middle Atlantic / LegrandAV

During the show, Middle Atlantic came out with some nice PDU. Did you know that we already work with these new PDUs?


We also got to stop by our partner ConnectWise at the show. They were there promoting their Manage and Sales platforms. These are hugely important tools for integrators, dealers, and MSPs alike.  

The Domotz integration with ConnectWise Manage enables exciting features, including auto ticket generation for network and device events. These features help integrators work more seamlessly. 

Learn more about the Domotz and ConnectWise Manage integration.

Sound United 

We got to stop by the Sound United booth, and they have some fantastic new AVRs that separate the amplifiers, providing higher power and better audio quality.  

The good news is that Domotz can already monitor these systems elegantly!


All in all, we had a great visit to CEDIA 2022. Additionally, it was amazing to see the progress in this channel. Additionally, we saw our partners showcasing and leveraging the full possibilities of Domotz for their hardware platforms. Overall, it was just incredible. To sum things up, we’ve come a long way from the first CEDIA we attended in 2016. And overall we were left feeling pretty nostalgic in seeing the fantastic progress of our technology in the channel.

See you next year, CEDIA!

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