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Our awarded software has won several recognition on G2, Sourceforge, and also GetApp. 

Domotz has been in the industry of network monitoring software for over 6 years. We have made a name for ourselves by delivering powerful, affordable, easy-to-use network monitoring software. Basically, we help IT professionals and MSPs (Managed Service Providers) efficiently monitor and manage networks.

Over the years, we have been recognized for our excellence and won numerous awards. 

For instance, we consistently received high customer satisfaction ratings and were chosen as a “Leader” in the network monitoring space on G2.

Recently, our network monitoring software received several prestigious awards from the top software review platforms, for instance, G2, Sourceforge, and GetApp.

Read on to discover the awards we’re thrilled to have earned so far in Winter 2023. 

G2 Awards

G2 is a software review platform that allows businesses to find and compare software solutions. In 2022, Domotz was recognized as a “Leader” in the Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software category by G2. This award is based on customer feedback, market presence, and product features.

The following badges refer to a specific category of evaluating network monitoring software. We’re proud to have recognition in each of these categories:

Momentum Leader

Firstly, we won “Momentum Leader” and “Leader Small-Business” awards. We’re very proud to highlight that we’re in the top 25% of our category. This means that our customers love the continuous improvements to our software.

The “Leader” Badges mean we’re on a high-growth trajectory and encompass scores for user satisfaction, employee growth, and digital presence.

Momentum Leader and small business Leader winter 2023. G2 Badge

High Performer

In the business category, Domotz satisfies customers with our top-notch customer support and comprehensive, easy-to-use platform.

Additionally, we have also won badges, including High Performer Small-Business, Mid-Market, and Europe.

High performer 2023 G2 Badges

Easiest To Use

We always focus on building software that’s easy to use and has fast implementation. That’s why winning a badge for “Easiest to Use” is no surprise. 

See? It’s not just something we say. That’s why we have won the highest “Ease of Use” rating in the category for  “Small-Business”.

Easy to use winter 2023 G2 Badge

Best Estimated ROI

The “Best Estimated ROI” badge definition relates to a product that “earned the best-estimated ROI rating in its category. What does this mean?

Basically, we can help MSPs, System Admins, and IT Professionals achieve significant ROI. Learn more about the top benefits of Network Monitoring.

Best est. ROI winter 2023 G2 Badge

Best Meets Requirements

Which software is best in class regarding the usability Index?

Domotz! We won the highest Meets Requirements rating for our network monitoring software. We also won the  “Best Meets Requirements for Small-Business” badge. Basically, we constantly improve our product to meet our customers’ needs.

Best meets requirements winter 2023 G2 Badge

Users Most Likely To Recommend

We are pleased that our users are most likely to recommend us. Domotz has the highest Likely to Recommend rating in this specific category and also in the Small-Business one.

Users most likely to recommend winter 2023 G2 Badge

Easiest Setup Mid-Market

Our network monitoring software has a very intuitive setup. Download our Agent, install it, and get up and running in a few minutes.  We’re fast, easy to set up, and scalable compared to other tools on the market.

Easiest Setup winter 2023 G2 Badge

Users Love Us

Our software has more than 70 reviews on the platform, and our global score is 5/5 stars. Domotz helps you solve daily challenges and problems in running an IT business. We offer powerful features and more than 1,000 integrations to help you with network monitoring and management. 
Want to read more reviews from our users? Visit the G2 product review page.

Users Love Us G2 Badge

Sourceforge Awards

Sourceforge is the world’s largest software comparison directory, serving nearly 30 million monthly users. They feature user reviews, product comparisons, software guides, and more.

In 2022, our awarded software won again! Domotz won the “Best New Product” award in the Network Management category. All things considered, this award recognizes innovative and groundbreaking products that provide real value to users.

Following are the awards our software won in different categories: 

Leader Winter 2023

Firstly, Domotz holds the Winter 2023 Leader Award from SourceForge, the world’s largest software and services review and comparison website. 

This award recognizes exceptional companies and products with outstanding user reviews that put them in the top fifth percentile of products.

Leader winter 2023 Sourceforge Badge

Customer Love us and Trusted Vendor

On SourceForge, Domotz also won the “Customer Love us” badge. Note that SourceForge only lists products with a consistently high number of positive user reviews. 

Our users trust us, and Domotz developers will significantly continue to work to build awarded software that meets our users’ expectations and needs.

Customers Love us Sourceforge Badge

Five Stars User Reviews

Last but not least, thanks to many 5-star reviews, our software has been awarded again.  Surely, Domotz focuses on providing high customer support and service to improve user satisfaction.

Sourceforge five stars user reviews  Sourceforge Badge

GetApp Awards

Read more about the awards our software won in the below categories: 

Category Leaders 2023

Finally, GetApp, a Gartner company specializing in software research, evaluation, and comparison, recognizes Domotz as a “Category Leader” in Network Monitoring. This awarded software recognition was won through positive user reviews, features, integrations, and mobile capabilities.

GetApp Category Leaders 2023 Badge

Shortlist 2023

However, the Capterra Shortlist methodology scores vendors on two dimensions: User Ratings and Popularity.

The Rating component considers the overall user ratings of products based on reviews written in the last 24 months. Users rate products from 1 to 5 stars. In addition, the Popularity component considers the average monthly search volume for a defined set of keywords.

Shortlist 2023 Capterra Badge

Software Advice: Front runners

Secondly, Software Advice has awarded Domotz in the Top FrontRunners 2023 report for the Best Network Monitoring Software and Network Monitoring Software for Managed Service Providers.

Front Runners Software Advice 2023

Awarded software for network monitoring

We’re thrilled to have built an awarded network monitoring software. All these awards exemplify how Domotz is leading in network monitoring and management software. These awards and badges confirm the quality of our product and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, we are constantly improving and innovating our products to meet the evolving needs of our users, mainly IT professionals and MSPs. 

We are proud to have won awards in so many categories for network monitoring and management. Additionally, we look forward to continuing to improve our product to win even more awards in the future.  

Start a free trial of our awarded network monitoring and management software.

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