Domotz joins the Allseen Alliance for IoT Network Monitoring

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Domotz network monitoring software to deliver greater support for IoT network monitoring of devices through implementing AllJoyn® interoperability standards

Domotz, the leading provider of remote network monitoring software for Integration Companies, MSPs and IT Professionals today announced its membership to the AllSeen Alliance. By joining the AllSeen Alliance and implementing AllJoyn® support, Domotz remote tech support systems will be positioned to support a wider range of devices, ranging from smart washing machines to connected ovens and refrigerators.

The AllSeen Alliance is a cross-industry, open-source effort powered by The Linux Foundation to advance the Internet of Everything through AllJoyn, a framework that enables connected devices and apps to inter-operate.

“Leading technology firms and device manufacturers in the IoT space continue to join the AllSeen Alliance at an increasing pace,” said Domenico Crapanzano, CEO & co founder of Domotz. “By joining the Alliance, Domotz will be able to learn and share best practices for integrating IoT devices that interact in harmony with each other, which is a key factor in stimulating greater consumer adoption of IoT systems.”

IoT Network Monitoring – More IoT devices that play nice and interact with each other through implementing the AllJoyn framework 

Domotz home intelligence systems provide homes and businesses with a host of functionalities for smart home management and remote tech support provision including the ability to deliver remote tech support services to home networks and IP devices. By implementing the AllJoyn framework, Domotz systems will see improved auto detection, interaction and remote connectivity with all AllJoyn enabled devices.

AllSeen Alliance members include leading tech manufacturers Electrolux, LG, Philips, Sony, Microsoft, Panasonic, Honeywell and Qualcomm. Since Alliance members adopt similar standards for interoperability, Domotz software will be able to interact with new products from leading tech manufacturers that were previously outside the scope of integration capabilities using standard IP protocols.

We are thrilled that Domotz is joining the AllSeen Alliance,” said Philip DesAutels, Senior Director of IoT for the AllSeen Alliance. “To create truly connected smart home experiences, we need cross-industry collaboration on a common, open framework like AllJoyn. When Domotz technology pairs with existing and future AllJoyn service frameworks, rich scenarios that overcome existing interoperability issues and address real-world needs are possible.”

Domotz will add AllJoyn support to its Domotz Pro remote tech support system in the first half of 2016.

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